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Leading Latest Fashion Trends Outfit Ideas 2020

Well, as the year ends, we will be jumping into the brand new year 2020. There is no doubt about the fact that everything will be new in the new year with the different and distinctive transformations every now and then. The same is true, especially for the fashion niche. 

As we know that “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” —Kenzo Takada

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In the same way, there have to be some different styles, trends, colors are added to the new year list of fashion. So, now talking about fashion trends for 2020, it will be mostly about the blast from the past. In this brand new year, your fashion wardrobe will move back to olden times and uniquely enjoy the same fashion. Ranging from the 90s styles to the bell-bottom pants of 70s, medieval clothing, and the statement sleeves right out from the 80s, all of the costumes are the coolest way to move into a new year filled with the coolest styles, of course. The new year will be representing throwbacks like never before! 

Vintage Clothing
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Are you the one who does not fancy the vintage style because you no more need to worry now as many modernist fashion trends will be everywhere around in the coming months. All you have to do is pick out your sleek, mini, neon shade, and bright colored bags from the wardrobe and carry them like a pro! 

Now, find out the best and craziest fashion trends that will turn your closet into a phenomenal one. 

1. Flare Jeans 

If there is something that will rule in the world of bottoms, then it will definitely be the flare jeans owning a mid-rise stretch. These pairs of jeans can be adorned with either heels, flats, or shoes. If there is anything that can be carried off like the coolest pro, then it would definitely be the flare jeans. 2020 is the right time to make way for your heels and shine up the world with the short crop tops or the tucker tops that can justice your look. 

2. Tie-Dye 

Well, these Tokyo crop tops are my personal favorites, as these are the best for wearing to a casual day and bring out the look in the best way possible. This year it will be a rock on for 2020, as the winters will give a boost to the desiring tastes of summer as well. There are a lot of all black tinted copies of the bright hues. All you gotta do is believe in the bright and feel the light around you. 

3. Sleek Style 

Sleek has always been in style, no matter what. Especially when it comes to the slim and sleek platforms. This year the duggie black are in total trends. The cool set of styles is going to rock the new year and every season. You are free to wear it in any weather or season, be it winters, summers, or a jam-packed party. You can powerfully rotate your style this year. 

4. Puff Sleeves 

Well, puff sleeves surely did carry a high move in the summer’s last year and guess what they will be ruling the winters as well. Puff gives us absolute puffs with the difference in the knitted winter sweaters as well. The puff sleeves are regarded as a total dramatic one, and there is no chance that you can escape it in any way. For ignoring or avoiding the high costume look, all you have to do is pair it up with a small sleeve and add on some subdued color. Such sleeves look good with retro-style jeans. 

5. Pearls

Image by Lenka Fortelna from Pixabay

Pearls look best in curls. But, who said we cannot wear it any way other. 2020 will see an amazingly beautiful pair of Bahama pearl necklaces that can be adorned with any kind of outfit, be it western wear or casual wear, no matter what. This year, just binge in your jewelry box with pearls, pearls, and pearls. What you can do is bring on your neck game with the best versions of VSCO shell necklaces and more. This phenomenal look can swing on with the other different chains as well. 

6. Bra Tops 

2019 displayed less of bra tops; however, 2020 will be all about the seamless bra tops. These kinds of tops do not just show off a sexy layer of style but also a casual one for a normal day or a sporty look for a workout day. This year is going to be about just bra tops. For choosing the style as the best one for you, then all you need to do is go for a long line version and match it up with your choice of desired jeans or denim skirt. 

7. Mini Bags 

Mini Bags
Photo by Micah Tindell on Unsplash

Also called the mini bags or the cross body bags are the coolest to wear and carry off, as you feel free wearing them along anywhere. This cool little bag has all the space for your necessities like mobile phone, credit card, and your special lip balm. Also, such little bags are fun to play around and can be worked on with numerous kinds of dresses. 

8. Crochet 

Is there something you love badly? Well, because my favorite style of choice for 2020 would be the striped fringed hem knitted mini skirts. These are love completely. These are going to be a huge fashion trend, no matter what. And, please do not compare it with your couch cover from the 90s as this is something modern and amazingly the best, with the brightest colors on it. 

9. Vintage Leather 

Would you mind turning your wardrobe a little more cool with the baggy short sleeved v-neck dress? I would surely do that. This is a leather vintage dress not just for the winter chills but also for your favorite season of summer tan as well. Carry off this stylish leather anywhere around and brag the audience about how present you feel in it. 

10. Fringe Skirt

Could there be anything else better than the satin midi wrap skirt? I guess NO! It is because this will give you extreme nostalgia if you wear it even once. Yes, that is true!! This wrap skirt can turn on a great stylish and trendy look for 2020. If you want to be the girl this year, then try out this feminine and flirty fringy skirt who will keep you away from the cowgirl look and bestow you with more of a vintage feel. You can pair it up with an oversized sweater or jacket. 

11. Colour Block

Oh, yes! It does block colors. The cool sweatshirt has everything to offer you with, Be it style, class, casual feel, or the cools trend, you have it all when you have that on! The color block sweater or sweatshirt is the latest trend of the new year, and you will be the first rainbow of the year while you wear it on. Make way towards a statement piece, and there you go with the neutral manners, which are always best termed. 

12. Bermuda Shorts 

Well, these camel striped Bermuda shorts are too glam to give anyone a damn. During the summer of last year, it was supported by quite a lot of people and yes they are going to be the talk of the town this year as well. No one can go wrong with these shorts that look the best with blazer and sneakers for the fall season plus the coolest match with a bodysuit this summer. 

13. Neon Sneaks 

The neon sneaks is the coolest collection of the year 2020. You do not have to be scared of the bright hue color as these are the talk of the town whenever someone carries this off. If still, you are doubtful to wear it, then better style up fewer accessories for the top. 

14. Polka Dots 

This is one of the most universal fashion as it cannot be taken away any year ever! The puff-sleeved blouses and tops in polka dots are fun to wear in the springs in a great way. The print is old and classic, which can be adorned with a pair of high skinny jeans and heels or a pair of high ankle shoes. 

15. Crop white button-down shirt 

I do not think fashion could be anyway more refreshing this year. The cropped white button-down shirt is almost a goal for every girl out there. This has ruled out the full-length plain shirts, of course. Now, all you have got to do is wear it with the best plaid bottoms and a pair of casual sneakers for adorning that laid back look like an expert! 


Joe Hupp is a full-time Internet Marketer, author, public speaker, personal coach, Internet Marketing Consultant, and most importantly, a husband and a father. Joe has had a passion for medieval costumes and the renaissance period since he started going to renaissance fairs as a kid!

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