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Marilyn Monroe once said, give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. This quote is accurate when it comes to women, but it is much more relatable and makes a whole lot sense when it is said for a man. Right shoes can make or break a man. Be it going on a date, for his first job interview, his promotion celebration, or even on his child’s first birthday, the right type of shoes can automatically boost a man’s confidence and double it. Even though behind every successful man is a woman, it is also true that the man must be wearing the right types of comfortable shoes. Mentioned below is a list of shoes every man should own – even if it’s just one pair of each of these. It does not matter how colorful men shoes are – but it does matter if they are Italian leather shoes, the type of dress shoes they are wearing if they are hand-painted, even the sneakers and the slip-on count.

Almost all the formal men’s dress shoes should be Italian leather shoes, and that is because Italian leather shoes are one of the best and pretty expensive with high-quality shoes that can last an individual a lifetime without it being out of date. However, if these shoes are handmade Italian shoes, then it would be a cherry on top.

Some of the most important shoes every man should own include:

  1. Chukka boots – Chukka boots are multi-purpose shoes; you can wear them casually as well as with a formal dressing like dress shoes because of their versatile and unique look. Chukka boots come in different materials. Some of the most colorful shoes are available at PeppeShoes. They are also handpainted and comes in a limited quantity.
  2. Chelsea boots – Just like Chukka boots, Chelsea boots can also be worn as dress shoes as well as casually. But they do look great with jeans and a formal shirt, it gives a man a clean but comfortable look, for example, a formal lunch with friends. 
  3. Wingtip – Wingtip shoes are Italian shoes, and they cannot be worn as casual events because of their look and how amazing they look with a head to toe formal dressing. These look absolutely beautiful and raises the standard of formal shoes in general as well. 
  4. Sneakers – When comfortable shoes are being mentioned, sneakers are everyone’s first thought. They are really comfortable; they look pretty and can be really colorful shoes according to an individual’s personality. 
  5. Loafers or slip-Ons– Loafers or slip-Ons are one of the most worn formal shoes. They can be found in every household where even a single man lives, and they are pretty common leather shoes. 

By and large, shoes are the piece of the outfit, which can complement our unique style. By wearing astounding colorful shoes planned and made by the PeppeShoes, men have a chance to tell the world that their style is one of a kind. They stand out of the considerable number of individuals who acknowledge inventiveness and unique adornments, which look stupendous but, on the other hand, are the greatest, sturdy items. Simply peruse through their site, and, surely, you will be amazed by the number of brilliant shoes one can discover there.