Friend with Benefits
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Starting and Maintaining a Friend with Benefits

In today’s world, many people are open-minded to new experiences. One way or another, we all want to have a form of relationship with others. No one wants to be alone all the time. Because of the sexual revolution, many are into no strings attached sex. This has made many people look for friends with benefits relationships. Many people find it challenging to have and maintain friends with benefits relationships. The term means that two people are friends and are open to having casual sex. So, where do you start? Below are some tips on how to start an Friend with Benefits relationship.

Apps and Websites

At the moment, most people can access a smartphone. Thanks to the development of technology, many people achieve a lot of things through their phones. There is currently a lot of dating and hookups apps one can find online. If you lack time to socialize and make friends because of work or you are just busy, you should highly consider dating apps. Through a dating website app, you will find like-minded people willing to have friends with benefits. The trick to finding an FWB is using the right app or website. You can find apps that focus on people who are interested in different types of relationships. Take your time learning what the different apps are about and how to use them. It is crucial not to share personal information with someone on dating apps without knowing the person well.

Bars Are Great Places to Find FWB

Bars are known to be among the best places to find other people looking for casual relationships. People have been going to bars to find like-minded people for centries. There is an unwritten rule on how people who want casual relationships get together through bars. It seems that alcohol plays a significant role in making people feel free and ready for new experiences. However, it is essential to know that most encounters at the bar are mainly one-night stands. If you end up being lucky enough to find a connection with someone you meet, you can make a point of calling the person for the next time. Who knows? You might make an FWB at the end. That is if he or she exchanges numbers with you. Your first time in the bar, you might not find someone you conect with. Try your luck several times, and you might find someone.

Your Platonic Friends

Many people tend not to like the idea of being intimate with someone they have just met online or at the bar. There is the issue of trust, or one cannot be comfortable with having the experience with someone they do not know. One way you can get a friend with benefits is through your platonic friends. It is fair to state that this tip may go either way in that it may work or not. If you look at it, the people you may hook up through online platforms may not be your friends. If you connect with a platonic friend, you can always ask them out and see where things go. This is the friend who you had no sexual relationship with at the time.

As stated earlier, this may work or not. There is a risk of someone not being interested, and this may end up destroying the relationship you currently have with the person.

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How Do You Maintain Your FWB Relationship?

Once you have a friend with benefits, the next step is to maintain the relationship. Those who are lucky enough to have a friend with benefits tend to find it challenging to keep it that way. The first thing you should consider is creating some ground rules. Setting some rules will help both of you hold the relationship for a long time. You need to discuss if you can see other people without one of you feeling jealous. Is there any form of commitment? Once you set the rules, the relationship is likely to last.

Since the relationship focuses on sex, you should try to make the sex better. It would be best if you were open-minded. It would help if you were willing to try some things that your friend may want. Try to make the experience exciting. Your friend should also be prepared to try some of the things that you want. This will ensure that it does not get boring. When it gets boring, one may call off the arrangement. It is also crucial to note that your friend is living a separate life. He or she may have work or other activities to do. This means that you cannot just call every time you want. Make a point of scheduling when you two should link up. Choose a time that is relevant to both of you. However, it is vital to know when to say goodbye or end the relationship. Various reasons may make a person want to stop a friend with benefits relationship, including when one is too attached or getting into another serious relationship.


When hooking up, it is essential to use protection all the time. Safety should always be a priority. Use the tips mentioned above to have a successful friend with benefits relationship. When it comes to getting into relationships, you should make sure that you are ready. Sometimes it pays to try new things in life.