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Keharas Team


Thank you very much for the excellent level of support provided. Very responsive, helpful and talented folks! Our team is very appreciative of all your great help with this project!

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Emilio García


Thank you soooo much, you’re really helping us a lot with this project. I’m really satisfied with your service. Cheers! ;-)


Gary Kaye



Wow, your team did an EXCELLENT JOB on this. I cannot thank you enough for helping us!


Sorin Bica



Thanks for the help! The theme has been great and it’s really easy to work with.


Leslie Ansley

fine art artist, website owner


YOU GUYS ROCK! This is why I always recommend Colorlabs to friends who are looking to purchase templates.


Kai Westermeier

Web Publisher


I am very glad that I decided to buy a theme from your company and I told my friends already how great your support is ;)

dapo k

Dapo Ransome Kuti


Waoh! We are very happy to associate with you. Your response has be very good. Please keep it up, we appreciate it.


Emilio García



Just to say I’m glad with your service so I think you’re doing it fine


Marco Prevot



Many thanks for your great support. Im loving the templates!


Andreas Hannemann



I want to thank you for your perfect service.  I am very happy about your super customer service


Michael Rineman



Just a quick thank you for your excellent support, you made my day! :)

maria anatro

Maria Anatro



I will only buy through Colorlabs for mere virtue of the fact that your support team is THAT good! Every single point of contact I have had have been professional, courteous and informative. Gives the customer great peace of mind!


John Bonello



Colorlabs support is friendly and efficient! You’ll instantly notice the personalized service. I frequently need their support since most
of my customers use Colorlabs themes and in all these years, I must say that Colorlabs were always my safety net.


Sam Chen



I really appreciate your support. You always help me solve my problems as soon as you can. And your themes are all worthy!

Yoon Khen Chin2

Yoon Khen Chin

Web Designer


All I can say regarding your team is, “Bravo!” again and again for your quality themes, responsive support service, and REAL fast resolution rate, you’ve never disappointed me! Thank you so much and keep up the great work. You all deserve a big kudos!


Henrik Blomgren



It´s a rare sight seeing a webfirm go from a one hit wonder to a fully remade modern company that focuses on releasing top notch WordPress themes. As a WordPress user and beginning theme maker myself
seeing this kind of well coded themes is a great motivation to learn more about WordPress and theme making. With the nice support and different types of themes Colorlabs just keep on impressing me.

Eric Peris

Eric Peris



I checked online for few different options before considering the template with Colorlabs, I chose them because they’re a starting company with a bunch of themes to choose from and all of them high-quality templates. But the best of all it’s their support service. Really accurate when solving problems and so devoted to solve them. I’m already thinking which new template from them I should
choose for my new project.


Jesse Veluz



Colorlabs focus on responsive designs has allowed our company to reach more readers, bringing more business to us as a result. In fact, our website still looks smashing on a 1.5-inch wide mobile phone. The theme adjusts intelligently. What an amazing theme! What’s more, the support people are not only polite but also highly competent. My overall experience with the technical team can be summarized into one word, “WOW”.

Udaysree Nithyananda

Udaysree Nithyananda



The Resolution Center of Colorlabs has amazed me again and again. Such friendly and professional staff that knows the solutions needed and works in an efficient way to provide customer satisfaction within a short time.

Matthew Turner

Mattew Turner

Strategic Marketing Consultant


As I stand on the verge of launching my new site, I feel in safe hands. Colorlabs has not only given me a fantastic theme, but expert support along the way. Seriously, I’ve asked a lot of questions and recieved great answers each time. I was immediately drawn to the Backbone theme. It’s minimalistic, clean, SEO friendly, and offers me all the creative freedom I crave. I think I’ll be with Colorlabs for a long time. Great job guys!


Tom Evans

Author of Blocks


I have been blogging for about five years now and have probably tried at least five themes out in that time. None of them comes close to the functionality of Arthemia.
What’s more, it delivers this fabulous layout for a blog with the most simple configuration system I have come across. Other themes I’ve used need you to be a PHP programmer to achieve anything near this sophistication. Great job.

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Jonathan Spira

Magazine Editor


We were first attracted to Arthemia theme due to its striking design but what has kept us as a customer is the excellent customer service we receive. Our magazines receive countless compliments on the design and our IT staff appreciates the quick turnaround in support.


Liam McDonald

Sports Blogger

A WordPress theme is only as good as its technical support and Colorlabs has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The free installation service is really what I’ve been looking for. Finally I can start to focus on blogging and forget the nerdy stuff. Highly recommended.


Nina Adams


Something about Colorlabs that really amazes me is their friendly technical support. They are always happy to answer all my silly questions. I’m actually learning to design a web site just by purchasing one of their WordPress themes. Keep up the good work!


David Marina

Financial Adviser


As a financial adviser with absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of setting up a website I have found the Arthemia theme so easy to use and manage in my spare time. My site receives many compliments as it looks so good. If I get stuck, the support is first class, quick, helpful and polite!