Microdosing & Cannabis

As Marijuana is becoming accepted for medical purposes, many people want to know how much THC they need to alleviate their symptoms. There are many medicinal benefits from taking Marijuana, but you don’t need to become stoned to maximize its benefit. Most want to take the minimum amount, thus alleviating some of the adverse side effects: becoming stoned, paranoid, or lazy. Microdosing & Cannabis comes into play to regulate their mood, boost creativity, or enhance other areas of one’s life. Many people struggle to even workout due to chronic pain; Micros-dosing can help alleviate pain or other systems allowing you to get back to your everyday life. Many people will micro-dosing throughout the day with none of the typical side effects of traditional smoking. 

Microdosing: taking a very small amount of sale usa flagyl a substance on a specific schedule

History of Microdosing 

Microdosing was first introduced in the 1950s by a group of psychedelic therapists working at a mental health facility in Canada. Their goal was to help alcoholics get clean. They hypothesized that achieving sobriety would be most successful in a relaxed, mind-altering state. The therapists gave their patients a high dose of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (better known as LSD). They were shocked at the buy lasix discount success that over half of their patients achieved complete recovery from their previous addiction. The Canadian government, obviously intrigued by the results, organized structured and clomid eurekarevenue.com rigorous controlled and placebo trials to continue to test the therapists’ hypothesis. While these experiments never came to fruition with a definite result, they sparked the interest of researchers and drug enthusiasts across the world.

James Fadiman is one of the researchers and drug enthusiasts that was fascinated by this incomplete discovery and dedicated his research to know more. Publishing a book entitled The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, Fadiman introduces the concept of micro-dosing and a guide to what and how (he feels) is the most beneficial way to microdose LSD. He found that in taking 1/10 of the normal dose every four days, consumers reported decreased feelings of anxiety, a healthier appetite, and overall better mental health.

Microdosing & Cannabis

While Microdosing has been typically used in conjunction with psychedelic drugs, the cannabis industry has recently decided to try their take on this. An NCBI study completed in 2014 tested the check that effects of low doses of a synthetic cannabinoid in a select group of prisoners who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Before the study, prisoners reported difficulties falling and staying asleep, severe nightmares, and chronic pain. Each prisoner was given four small doses of Nabilone, a Canadian-approved synthetic cannabinoid receptor that has been previously shown to aid patients with chronic nausea due to chemotherapy.

The pros and order cheapest kamagra online cons should be weighed by each individual- as one of the main components of micro-dosing are to feel the drug working.

Cons: build up your tolerance; it might not work as well.

Pros: Ability to carry a normal like by reducing the severity of your symptoms.

Microdosing products

You can use any Cannabis product for microsding but edibles, topicals, and even vapes are a great way to control how much THC you consume.  I like edibles and other non smoking forms of Cannabis for microsding.  Take a look at our food infusion articles to make your own product that you control the amount of THC, CBD, and other Terpenes 

Muz dispensaries have a great new inhaler product, they say its “An ideal solution for fast and controlled delivery of medical cannabis, marijuana inhalers offer an ultra-discreet and familiar way to medicate. Marijuana inhalers are an important item in the cannabis space, as THC has shown to be a bronchodilator, a significant discovery for patients with asthma and other airway ailments.”  this is a discreate product allowing you to microsdose throughout the day with out drawing attention to yourself.


microdosing main benefits are for those using Cannabis for medical purposes, not to get stoned. As you experiment with microdosing, remember dosing is not an exact science, so start out with a low dose giving it time to take effect before adding another dose. Let the Cannabis take hold and work your way up until you have the desired effect. 

Many of the medical ailments that microsdoing works well with are:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • improve focus
  • pain
  • insomnia

While more research needs to be conducted, millions are already benefiting from this approach of microsdiong; the existing research has shown this to be very effective when finding the hioctanedesign.com clomid perfect amount: less is better.

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