Nautical Theme Party

Nautical-themed parties are a great way to start off the new season or celebrate a summer birthday. They’re also a great way to bring people together and improve relationships. And since they happen to be pretty trendy this year, it shouldn’t be hard to find nautical decor. Of course, some of the most interesting items will come from your own boathouse or a local thrift store. But there is nothing wrong with picking up some festive decorations at a party store. And if you need some ideas, this is a good place to start.

What can you include in a nautical theme?

Some of the obvious elements of nautical-themed decor are things like decorative sailboats, ship wheels, anchors, and fishing poles. But there are actually a few different styles you can tailor your party to. You can go completely rustic with old buoys, weathered wooden seating, lanterns, and antique signs. Or you can choose a more refined look with clean lines, dark blues and reds, and crisp flags. You can also choose a traditional style that includes lots of navigational items, lighthouses, and anchors. There’s a wide range of options for decorating with a combination of styles to really set the mood.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks

The serving table is a great place to show off your nautical decor. You can use a white tablecloth with a themed table runner and sailboat napkins as accents. Also, try hanging fishing nets on the walls, complete with starfish and seashells clinging to it for the ultimate nautical escape.

There are many cocktails that lend themselves easily to a nautical theme, but you can also rename some traditional favorites to fit the bill. You might serve a starboard sangria or a mermaid martini.

You can also get creative with your appetizers, serving sailboat-shaped cookies and zucchini boat salads. But obviously, your main course should be a seafood dish. Lobster, crab, and shrimp make festive party fare, but other sea fish like Atlantic cod and sea bass are perfectly acceptable for sit-down meals.

Pool party

A pool is the perfect setting for a seaworthy party. You can even use the water as part of your decorating landscape. At a night-time party, where guests won’t be swimming, you can float candles and flowers on the surface. But if they will be jumping in, make sure to throw some colorful beach balls into the pool.

A rustic wood bar area will add some flare to the surroundings. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’re a novice builder, you can take a few pallets and throw together a cool, simple surface in a few hours.

Other venues

At your home or by the pool are not the only places you can throw a nautical themed party. If you’d rather not do the work, why not get right out on the ocean? If you’re close to the beach or are planning to be soon, you can book boat tours or party cruises where they’ll take care of all the details for you.

Finishing touches

If you’re having the party at your home, be sure there’s a touch of nautical inspiration in every room your guests will enter. Your favorite home decor or outdoor store will probably carry buoy lights you can hang in doorways or at the entrance. Throw some pillows on your furniture that represent an ocean theme or just coordinate with the colors. And pick up items like life preservers, coasters, banners, toys, and candles that pair nicely with your theme.

Nautical inspiration is everywhere. Bite the bait and host your own nautical party that your friends, loved ones, and yourself can all enjoy together.

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