Summer Business Trip

How many pairs of shoes shall I take? What if we go out? And what if it rains? Everyone has uttered at least one of these phrases when packing for a business trip, so rest assured that you are not alone.

Packing is stressful at the best of times, but it’s all worth it once we get to our holiday destination and we can finally relax and unwind. Business trips, however, aren’t quite as relaxing, and packing for these is an even more worrisome task; you have to look professional, stylish, and battle the unfamiliar weather, too.  

Going away in the summer usually involves sun, sand, and relaxation, which means bikinis, beach bags, sandals, and cute maxi dresses all get thrown into the suitcase without a second thought. Beach accessories from your seasonal subscription box? Add those in, too. Going on a business trip in the summer, however, means that the majority of those aforementioned items won’t be suitable. So what on earth should you pack?

Packing for a 2-day work trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Luckily, the following are some very helpful tips to keep in mind every time you pack your suitcases for a business trip. So, if you want a stress-free packing experience, pay attention to the following suggestions.

Pack Light

Pack Light
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The number one rule when it comes to packing is to pack light. While this is always the intention, it seldom happens. This is especially true when we are trying to cram just two more pairs of wedges and one more oversized sun hat. Luckily, you won’t have this problem when packing for a business trip. The best part about a business trip is that most of the days will already be planned out for you, which reduces the uncertainty that often comes with packing for a summer holiday.

Business trips usually involve more than one person, so plans could be subject to change. This means that outfits could change too; this is important to keep in mind when packing. In other words, even if you have back-to-back meetings scheduled for your entire trip, you never know if someone will suggest an outdoor activity to recharge the group’s batteries.

We always recommend packing comfortable, yet chic, clothes that you can be active in. Our top tip is to wear a pair of sneakers to the airport, so you already have them on hand – or foot – just in case any unexpected activities should arise.  

Be Cool and Confident

By cool, we don’t mean trying out a hip new trend that you heard about on social media. An important business trip is not the time to experiment with fashion. Instead, choose outfits that you know and love; outfits that make you look good and feel even better.

Summer business trips also call for cool materials. Cotton is our material of choice, meaning heavy-duty wool blazers should be replaced with light and airy ones. Pick pieces in spring/summer-appropriate prints, textures, and color palettes. 

Neutrals Are Your Best Friends

Leave the animal print at home and choose pieces in neutral color palettes instead. This not only ensures you don’t have any sartorial slip-ups, but also enables you to recycle your pieces without notice. People are much less likely to know you’re wearing the same pencil skirt you wore on day one to another meeting, especially if you pair it with a different blouse, blazer, or even accessories.

If you’ve worn a bright orange suit, there’s a good chance that it will be remembered for the entire business trip, and maybe even weeks after! Packing neutral tones also make it easier to mix and match, and you’re less likely to neglect a piece because you can’t find anything that matches it.

As far as business attire is concerned, stick to black, navy blue, and nude colors, along with crisp white or black shirts. Lighter colors would work better for hotter temperatures for obvious reasons.

Additionally, try packing a dark pair of skinny jeans (leave the ripped ones for when you come back home!) that you can pair with a chic shirt and flats. This way you can look respectable while being comfortable, too.

Pack Complete Outfits

Don’t choose individual pieces that you plan to throw together once you arrive, as this takes up unnecessary room in your suitcase. It also takes up valuable time in the morning, which could be spent preparing for an important meeting, or more realistically, sleeping off the jet lag.

It’s also quite risky as it means you might have forgotten a crucial part of the outfit such as a belt or the right undergarments, so always plan each and every outfit in advance. Focus on outfits as a whole, and don’t neglect the accessories either – from shoes to bags, even to things like tights, underwear, and hairstyles. Your morning routine could be a whole lot easier with beauty and accessories from your favorite summer subscription box, too.

Think About Day-to-Night Outfits

There’s a good chance that you won’t be doing things on your own schedule, so there may not be time for you to go back to your hotel room and change your outfit between events. This is where day-to-night outfits come in.

A simple yet chic black dress is one of our hero day-to-night pieces. Wear with a formal blazer in the daytime, and swap the kitten heels for your favorite stilettos for more glamorous evening affairs. Pack some statement jewellery in your work bag too – a dramatic pair of earrings or a sparkly necklace are enough to instantly transform an outfit. Finally, don’t forget to pack emergency make-up; bold red lipstick and an extra coat of mascara are all you need to take your look from day to night!

But What About Shoes?

Shoe-lovers always make sacrifices when packing for holidays and business trips alike. Unfortunately, shoes take up the most room and the most weight, which means we can’t possibly take every single pair we would like. This is where smart packing comes in.

Although the bright pink stilettos do make our black cocktail dress pop, we’ve already accepted that there’s no place for them on our business trip. So, in their place, you should pack a sensible pair of nude shoes that can be worn with absolutely everything you’ve packed. And of course, these shoes can be worn for hours at a time without too much discomfort. They go with our suits, pencil skirts, and wide-legged trousers, as well as our skinny jeans and LBD.

We also recommend packing a pair of work-appropriate flats such as loafers or ballet flats, for example. They’re perfect for giving your feet a rest from heels, without compromising style or professionalism.

Save Space and Prepare!

Once you’ve decided what to pack, make sure you do so in the most efficient and space-saving way possible. These are 3 tips we swear by:

  1. Don’t stack – roll! Rolling your clothes not only saves space but also stops them from getting as creased. Win, win!
  2. Pack your coat last. Lay your coat or jacket on top of everything else, so it’s easy to grab if you get cold on your travels.  
  3. Prepare for the security check. To get through security as quickly and pain-free as possible, make sure all your liquids are easy to find when you arrive at security. Pack them last and in a separate bag, so you can easily transfer them into the appropriate clear plastic bag and move swiftly through security. And make sure they are under 3 ounces to avoid having your things confiscated!

Packing can be a hassle no matter what kind of trip you have planned, but business trips always present some larger issues. With these suggestions, you are sure to look stylish and professional on your next business trip.

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