painting stoned

We have all heard it before. Pot is the gateway drug; not sure where the gateway takes you. I have no need to try other things. Why not make pot the gateway to taking your relationships to the next level while painting stoned? I have found some strains that allow me to focus more, and some are just chill. I have found a few things I like to do in all stages of my high. Instead of being stuck on the couch, I plan date nights around smoking and cheap australia xenical online socializing. My husband and I found a great strain to help focus this past week, so we rolled a joint and had a paint night.  

Painting Stoned  

You might be thinking there is no way I will be able to lasix paint stoned. But give it a try; it is so much fun. Just make sure to pick a strain that will allow you to focus vs. complete relaxation. I think next time, I will get a small group together and see how we do. You don’t have to spend tons of money on supplies because we need to save money for the good stuff (the perfect flower). You can always order a few paints by numbers if that is more your skill level. I have decided to find a great Bob Ross video and follow his instructions; you can also pick up a Bob Ross Paint Kit at your local Hobby store. Following the cipro 500mg price instructions of Bob Ross will help create a better painting experience and hopefully a better end product, if you’re like me and have a hard time in the creativity department. 

Other great date/social night ideas


I find the perfect way to chill is by doing a puzzle at night by yourself, with your loved one, or with friends. Doing puzzles being stoned is so relaxing and stress-free. Sitting down after a hard day at work with an excellent strain like Clementine found at the Muv dispensary in Florida or your favorite strain to focus. If puzzles relax you, adding some Clementine will definitely do the trick.

Board/card games

We all have them lying around the house. Why not break out the old childhood games and flagyl have some fun. Does it really matter what game you are playing as long as everyone is having fun? 

Outdoor childhood games

Flashlight tag, bat mitten, volleyball, pickleball- It’s the weekend, and no work is there to do. Why not break out the lawn games and have some fun. Take your high to the next level and be active. You can end your day by playing flashlight tag.

Conclusion Painting Stoned

Whether you want to have a special night with your special someone or looking to be more social, why not try out a social game while toking up? I thoroughly enjoy my painting stoned experience and look forward to trying a new game next time and incorporating a Bob Ross video. Check out other great mixer ideas to make your next party memorable. Once you have tried something out, let us know about your experience.