Perfect Honeymoon Journey

Perfect Honeymoon Journey

The perfect honeymoon journey has the potential to be one of the most memorable trips in your life. There is one perfect destination for every couple that takes time to plan that appeals to both of you from relations to explorations. Besides, a trip that will create unforgettable and unique experiences will be cherished forever. 

The Laid-Back Trip

If you choose to have a laid-back honeymoon trip, a tropical beachside honeymoon is always in style. The honeymoon’s ideal setting is to unwind, soak up some sun, and concentrate on one another. Mexico and other tropical countries are the best for this type of honeymoon because they have a vast array of all-inclusive hotels that offer amenities such as booking a private room and access to the pool or beachside. If you choose a resort hotel, you can access nightclubs, restaurants, and even a gaming area, such as a casino, to enjoy some table games like blackjack, poker, etc. 

Exotic places like Indonesia, Costa Rica, Greece, or the Caribbean all have such amenities. However, if you choose your trip to be in the European part, expect to walk a lot. Because, in a European country, any European country, the places made for visiting are outside the hotel. 

Besides, if you prefer to stay domestic, choosing Florida or California for their beautiful beaches and lovely hotels will be enough. If you are bored with the beach idea, you can consider activities like whale watching in Los Cabos, Mexico, or swimming with dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii. 

Domestic Road-Trip

Take a road trip
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The road trip is all about hitting the open road and feel the wind in your hair. You don’t need to travel much past your backyard to be adventurous. You can just lace up your hiking boots and venture to any of the United States national parks and explore miles of scenic trails. If you are into lake views over an ocean panorama, then the Midwest is a hidden treasure in small towns in the USA. It also about boating, outdoor adventure that offers beautiful rustic cabins, waterfalls, and nature. 

Or, if you are into wine and a picturesque landscape, then the West Coast is for you. California isn’t just about the beaches, but it is also a wine country because it includes more than 800 wineries in the northern San Francisco Bay area, which covers Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. 

You can book a comfortable stay at a nearby bed and breakfast after indulging in one or several offerings of the region’s wineries. 

If you seek domestic culture, you can go eastbound and absorb all the charms that the original 13 colonies offer, including their historical cities, which are ripe with metropolitan life, upscale shopping, fantastic seafood, museums, and more. If you go further in the South, towards South Carolina and Florida, be prepared to be inundated with majestic oaks, lush golf courses, sandy beaches, and luxury amenities.

The Romantic Trip

River cruise
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

We did mention Europe in this article, but we didn’t say anything about the romantic and charm the old-world offers. You can’t go wrong with visiting cities like Paris, Rome, Venice, or Prague. However, Europe isn’t known for these cities only; it has an abundance of hidden gems that deserve a visit. You can try a river cruise that docks on large metropolitan areas for the best of both worlds. The best example for boat cruising in Europe is going to Budapest, Hungary, and enjoy some cruising on the Danube river. You can also explore the lesser-known cities and towns. Usually, countries from Central and Eastern Europe offer this experience.  

However, to make the best memories, you don’t need to go to incredible places. You can also plan a trip close to your home. You can spend a few days at a quaint, little inn, or enjoy one of the many resort spas near you. There will be time to travel for the rest of your lives. What matters the most is to fully enjoy the company of each other on your perfect honeymoon journey. 

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