Winter wedding

It’s finally Fall, which means that now I can enjoy wearing my favorite leggings, boot socks and thigh high boots. Do you know what else it’s almost time for? My best friend’s wedding. I’m really excited because of course being her best friend I get to be her maid of honor. I have been in the process of browsing catalogues with her to help her in finding the perfect long sleeve wedding dress since it will be expected to be pretty cold outside that day.

I originally kind of felt like it would be a bit challenging trying to find a long sleeved wedding dress to wear during the Fall and Winter months since everyone else that I know had their weddings during warmer seasons of the year. My best friend just wanted to be different and have her wedding while it was cold outside. The theme is going to be Winter Wonderland by the way. It will be a combination of like what Elsa’s castle looked like in the movie Frozen, as well as a Fall setup for outdoors. Anyhow, as I begin searching the options with my friend for her wedding dress, I started to realize there are some really nice wedding dresses available.

Long Sleeve Dresses

Different Styles of Long Sleeve Dresses

I’m sure you can imagine that there are a number of different styles available in wedding dresses. The designers have to keep up with the demands of millions of people getting married each year. I never really searched that in depth for a long sleeve wedding dress, because like many women I chose to have my wedding during a warmer month of the year. However, after browsing the wedding dresses that were meant for the colder months of the year, I must say that I was quite impressed.

Fitted Long Sleeve with a long mermaid gown

Fitted long sleeve wedding dresses are probably the most common, because they are very elegant and feminine. The sleeves are generally made out of lace that is meant to fit your arms snuggly while you are wearing it. This is a style that my friend and I came across and we found it ideal for the wedding, not only because of the sleeves, but also because of the long gown that flares at the bottom. The mermaid gown really caught her eye because it was fitted at the mid-section part, at the waist, and then flared out towards the bottom starting at the mid-calf. There were a few dresses in this style with different types of patterns. If you have a curvy figure, this wedding dress style is definitely one that you would want to consider.

Fitted Long Sleeve with long straight dress

Now if you want a look that’s not as “out there” as some of the other bigger, puffy dresses on the market, then you may be comfortable with going with a long sleeved dress that has a basic straight down style. These dresses are long, yet sleek, and is for the simple-minded woman who doesn’t care to have as much detail in her wedding dress as some women who want to go “all out”. This design is generally a bit on the cheaper side as well since it does not require as many details to design.

Flowy from top to bottom long sleeve dress

Also known as a babydoll dress, a dress that flows starting at the chest area and all the way to the floor (in some cases they can be knee-length dress). This dress is a bit more of an airy style. This would be the perfect style for a woman that is uncomfortable wearing fitted dresses. Also it would be considered the opposite dress option from a woman that wants to show off some of her curves. A dress that flows out would be perfect for someone to wear that wants to hide their curves.

Calf length flowing long sleeve dress

Even during the cold months, someone women still prefer to show a bit of leg. A long dress that just shows the bottom half of your legs would give you a nice elegant look on your wedding day without having too much skin uncovered. The flow of the dress would just add to the elegance of it. For extra comfort you could always opt for a skin tone colored pair of stockings, or white stockings to match your wedding dress.


Prices of your wedding dress that you choose will vary, depending on the designer, quality, and detailing of the dress.

Since I’m a bargain shopper, I made sure I found a great deal when I purchased my wedding dress. It was a $1,000 that went on sale for $300, which is a pretty good deal for a wedding dress. I encouraged my best friend, as well as other friends in the past to try and find the best deals around for their wedding dresses. Although it is a day that you will want to remember, and you want to look your best, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend full price on a dress that you will be wearing for one day.

Online Options

online purchase

Online is probably one of the best places to find deals for your dress, but it is important that you know your size if you will be purchasing a wedding dress online. It’s a good idea to visit your local tailor to get your measurements so that if you do find a dress that you like online you will know if it will fit you.

Now I know that some ladies try to lose a bit of extra weight before they purchase their dress. Keep in mind that if your dress does not fit by the time your wedding day is getting ready to approach, you can always have the dress altered to your size.

Long sleeve wedding dresses are beautiful and there are just as many to choose from as short sleeve dresses, so if you plan to have a Fall or Winter wedding; prepare to be amazed at the variety of options available.

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