Positive effects of Marijuana

While patiently waiting for my biweekly haircut appointment at my local barbershop, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation being had with another client and sknoc.org diflucan discount his barber. An older gentleman (likely around 60 years old) was going on and on lecturing the barber on how wonderfully positive marijuana has affected his life and even his marriage. “If I weren’t smoking (marijuana), I wouldn’t still be married!” he exclaimed, with great humor but a genuine sense of sincerity in his voice. This made me think about the Positive effects of Marijuana has had on my own life.

Can there be positive effects of Marijuana in your life

On my drive home, I found myself reflecting on the conversation I overheard earlier in the barbershop… what sort of effect has marijuana had on my life, my marriage? After pondering that question for most of the drive home, I settled on my conclusion. Overall, I believe marijuana has had a positive effect on both my life and my marriage.

Before smoking regularly, I experienced more stress from my job, relationships, family drama, etc. My ways of coping with this stress included drinking, smoking hookahs, hanging out, and venting my frustrations with friends as often as I could. Looking back, not only was drinking hard on my liver and body overall, but it meant late nights out with friends, frequent hangovers the morning after, as well as a hefty bar tab each time (I am not a lightweight in any respect- it takes me a few drinks to feel even a slight buzz). Since switching to marijuana, I am spending equal or less money monthly (my wife and I prefer smoking cartridges and flower and are daily smokers). Still, I am less stressed, have lost weight, and have become a more reflective person. When I am high, I think decisions through more thoroughly than I would have sober- reviewing every little detail and clomid dirtylaundrykitchen.com possible scenario in my mind. When my wife and I talk about our relationship, I am more in tune with my feelings and am more considerate of hers. I’m also more attentive to our conversation, putting forth more profound thoughts and effort than I usually would when sober. This has resulted in tremendous growth in our relationship and myself as a person. I do believe that smoking marijuana with my wife has improved our relationship.


My Experience

My wife and I had dabbled with marijuana before meeting each other, but it was more of a social event- we would smoke at parties and with our known stoner friends but never went out of our way to do so otherwise. Then, when we met and started dating, we slowly but surely inched our way from smoking once or twice a month to almost every night we spent together. Smoking marijuana went from being a social event to a more relaxing and fun thing to do together. We would smoke and cheap usa flagyl watch comedy specials together- ending up both crying and laughing at both the endless hilarious jokes told and our reactions to them. Now, almost six years later, a lot has changed. We are married, own a house and a dog together, and have way more responsibilities than when we first met. Now our primary purpose of smoking is less about simply having fun together (although we still get high and watch comedy specials and movies together) and more about relaxation and calm. We smoke to relax our minds and order flagyl now online fotovanamstel.nl bodies from the hectic workweek, to get a good night’s sleep, or as a way to spend time with close friends. Undoubtedly, smoking has often changed us and the way we live- it has made us focus on what’s important in life, inviting a calmer and more peaceful mindset amidst the stresses of everyday life. It has also turned us into somebody- we enjoy staying home more than going out to bars at night, unlike before when we jumped at every opportunity for a night out on the town.

Conclusion: Positive effects of Marijuana

Overall, I am grateful for marijuana and the impact it has had on my life, my relationships, my marriage, and my stress levels. I feel as if I have become a better, thoughtful person because of it and will continue to advocate for the responsible use and education of marijuana moving forward.

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