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Priceless Gift Ideas for the Father of the Bride

Weddings are among the most anticipated events in a person’s life. Traditionally, the father of the bride is the one who walk his daughter down the aisle, and this is one of the most emotional moments of the ceremony. A father and daughter with a close relationship cherish the brief time before the walking of the aisle to thank each other.

There are many ways to express love, and while words mostly suffice and do a good job of communicating one’s feelings, they are intangible. Little keepsakes give powerful sentimental value during times like these, so why not give the father of the bride something to remember the moment by? Here some gift ideas to check out.

For the Sentimental

These are the dads who often say that they don’t care much for expensive things and would rather get a handwritten note any day. A long love letter is a great gift for this kind of dad, but if you want to take it further, you can add your message on a little trinket or a small object so he can proudly display it. A great example is a beautifully framed picture of just the two of you that includes a little heartfelt message.

Another is a personalized handkerchief with a monogrammed message and the bride’s signature. This has a dual purpose of being a gift and something to dry Dad’s eyes with when the ceremony starts. Another idea is to splurge on a pair of custom cuff links that are engraved with a message.

For the Active and Health Conscious

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Help out Dad maintain his healthy lifestyle by giving him something he can use when he’s working out. Remember those times when Dad asked how to operate a music player so he could use it when he’s sweating it out? Give him a pair of good-quality earbuds so he can enjoy the music he wants at a crisp sound quality. There are plenty to choose from, but a wireless earphone is recommended for those who are big on exercising.

Another gift idea is a pair of great running shoes and socks. If Dad is a huge fan of juicing and smoothies, a NutriBullet is another item you should consider. If he’s tech-savvy, a fitness watch or band should be in order as well.

For the Foodie

Backyard barbecues are never the same without Dad taking command on the grill. If this is one of your most precious memories together, then it should be right to gift your dad with a premium grill toolset. It’s something he can use on the next get-together and will really appreciate it.

If he’s more of a kitchen type of guy, a set of professional chef’s knives is a great option. If Dad loves obscure spices and exotic flavors, give him gift boxes of special hot sauce and spices that he hasn’t tried before. If Dad is a baker, he could really use a marble rolling pin to help him work the dough out more easily.

For the Indulgent Dad

One of the quickest but temporary ways of tamping down nervousness is to imbibe on spirits. On a big event like a wedding, everybody could use a bit of liquid courage. For dads who love their alcohol but love their daughter, even more, a classy stainless steel hip flask is the perfect gift. Take it even further by engraving a message on it.

If Dad likes his brandy or whiskey, then there’s a chance he likes his cigars too. It’s something he might enjoy after a good meal or paired with alcohol. He can use it to bond together with his new in-laws before or during the festivities.

For the Outdoorsy Type

If fishing trips, camping, and looking up at a night sky full of stars were some of your fondest memories with Dad, he could really use a special survival gift box. He can use it on his next outdoor trip or to replace some of the things he’s lost to wear and tear over the years. Consider subscribing Dad to a subscription-box service so that he can receive new gear and supplies every month if he wants to try out new stuff.

You can also opt to get him that special equipment or custom item that he wants for himself but cannot justify splurging on. High-quality camping items are an option to make his stay outdoors more convenient and comfortable.

The Best Time to Give Wedding-Day Gifts to Parents

It can be stressful and daunting to pick the perfect wedding gifts for parents, especially with the big day approaching and the preparations taking so much time. It’s always best to plan this part ahead of time because, despite the tight schedule, parents deserve to be properly thanked and honored. It’s always best to give them the gifts before the wedding itself so it won’t be overseen or, worse, forgotten.

So when is the best time? Most couples choose the rehearsal dinner for this occasion because it’s less crowded, and it’s easier to be in the moment with the intimacy of the setting. Another ideal time is on the morning of the wedding. The moment will be made more memorable when photographers capture their emotions as they open their presents.

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