Berry Blaster

It’s a bird; it’s a plane, it’s a…berry blaster? These fun edibles by Moon Edibles are great fun treat for Cannabis enthusiasts. 

Sold by Moon Edibles, an award-winning company based out of California since 2015, Berry Blasters edibles come in a fun, space-themed package. At 10 milligrams of Indica per dose, they are described on their website as “bite-sized confections coated in milk chocolate,” having a “delicious berry flavored core.” Each pack sells at $10 and comes with ten berry blasters, with 8.8 mg of Cannabinoids and sale glucophage 400mg 0.02mg CBD. Moon Edibles also offers various other intergalactic-themed edibles such as chocolate bars, gummies, and mints. The Berry blasters come in berry (Indica) and cherry (Sativa) flavors, depending on your strain preference.


Berry Blaster2

  • 10 mg per dose
  • Strain: Indica
  • Described as “bite-sized confections coated in milk chocolate” and on the website as having a “delicious berry flavored core.”
  • 8.8mg Cannabinoids, 0.02mg CBD
  • Allergen advisory: manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts & peanuts.
    • Contains milk & coconut.
  • Estimated at around 45 minutes for onset of effects.

First impressions—

  • Packaging is neat and unique- you can tell they put effort into the details. For example, the back of the package says “MISSON CONTROL ADVISORY” to describe the viagra dosage and onset of effects.
  • However, initially, we both thought they were just gummies, not chocolate-covered gummies. Written on the packaging in small letters is “bite-sized confections coated in milk chocolate,” which we felt was not totally clear.
  • Opening the package, you get the immediate chocolate candy smell.
  • Each edible looked around the same size and consistency.Berry Blaster Morsel



  • We were expecting more of a Whopper or Milk-Dud-like candy consistency with a more crunchy texture. In reality, they tasted exactly how the packaging described- a milk chocolate-covered berry-flavored gummy with a gritty, sugary center.
    • In my opinion, the sugary grittiness of the berry was a weird combination with the sweet milk chocolate.
  • However, I did appreciate the very little “funk” or “weed-y” taste.


  • Ingested at 3:15 pm, I started feeling the lasix effects 45 minutes later.
  • Felt very focused and productive, with the effects wearing off around 2-3 hours later.

Overall, we were not impressed with the taste of the Moon Edibles Berry Blasters due to the oddly gritty texture. Still, the high experience was pleasurable and lasted an adequate amount of time.

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