Reasons Why You Should Upgrade from a Laptop to a Desktop Setup
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There are many reasons why you should consider switching from a laptop to a desktop computer. Although laptops certainly have their advantages, a desktop computer can increase your productivity, improve your posture, make you feel more professional, and so much more. As more and more people switch to remote working, we will undoubtedly see more people invest in a desktop to create a more structured and businesslike home office environment. 

Now don’t get us wrong – laptops have many advantages over desktops. The first and most obvious benefit is their portability. You can take laptops wherever you want to go, whether you’re on vacation or you’re on a business trip. Even when you’re working from home, it might be nice to take your laptop and work out on the patio for a change. On average, laptops are cheaper than desktops. When you buy a desktop computer, you also need to buy a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. While this may be costly and complex for some individuals, there are many reasons why desktop computers can be well worth the investment in the long run. Here are some reasons you should think about switching your laptop for a desktop computer:

Desktop Computers Are More Ergonomic

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Your health is always the top priority, regardless of where you work. The number-one reason we think you should switch to a desktop computer has to do with ergonomics. When you set a professional workspace with a desk, a monitor, and a proper office chair, you have a lot to play with and customize. More importantly, you can easily set up your monitor in a position that is level with your eyes. This will stop you from craning your neck downwards, which is very common among laptop users. You will find that a proper setup improves your entire posture, which has enormous benefits. Not only will your health improve as your spine goes back to proper alignment, but you will also become more productive. 

They’re Not As Expensive as You Might Think

One of the main reasons people avoid desktop computers is because they believe these computers are prohibitively expensive. While there are certainly many expensive desktop computers out there, you can also find plenty of entry-level options that are powerful and reliable. On the other side of the argument, some laptops are considerably more expensive than many desktop computers. The cost factor should not dissuade you from upgrading, especially when you can find plenty of amazing deals without much effort. If you’d like to learn more, all it takes is a quick search. 

Working at a Desk Will Make You Feel More Professional

How you feel when you work is very important. When you’re sitting in bed and typing away on a laptop, it’s hard to take yourself very seriously. People can struggle to feel truly professional when they’re typing away on a laptop, and you might notice a significant improvement in self-esteem and confidence after you switch to a desktop computer. Create a professional work environment, and you will be more motivated, more inspired, and more productive. 

You Can Work on a Much Larger Screen

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Another amazing benefit of desktop computers is the fact that you can work on a much larger screen. Even the widest laptops simply can’t compete with a relatively small computer monitor. These monitors can not only provide better resolution and graphics potential, but they can also make you more productive. With a wider screen, you can split your tabs and multi-task with much greater efficiency. This could save you tons of time. 

Desktop Computers Can Be Much More Powerful

Perhaps the most obvious advantage desktop computers have over laptops is that they tend to be much more powerful. Even a relatively low-grade desktop computer will be equipped with hardware that can blow most laptops out of the water. Again, this can noticeably increase productivity. When you’re not worrying about stuttering, crashes, lack of memory, and many other issues, it becomes easier to get more work done each day. If you are pursuing a career in computer programming you may want to consider getting a desktop because of the power and speed they provide.

Desktop Computers Are Better For Gaming

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We’ve been focusing pretty heavily on work-life to illustrate the advantages of a desktop computer, but it’s not all about the boring stuff. A desktop computer can be a much more powerful gaming PC. Even those that are not marketed as “gaming computers” often have the hardware to run the newest games. This hardware may include better CPUs and graphics cards. In many cases, desktop computers are more powerful than even the newest gaming consoles. 

You Can Build Your Own Desktop Computer

Even if your desktop computer doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles you want out of the box, you can upgrade it later. You can even build an entire desktop computer by collecting all of your favorite components. While this can be a costly endeavor, it’s an engaging and rewarding hobby for many people out there. 

Desktops Generally Require Fewer Repair

Generally speaking, a lot more can go wrong with a laptop. A laptop’s portable nature comes with more “built-in” components that can fail over time. These include the keyboard, the battery, and the screen. While you may be able to get these components repaired, it could be pretty expensive. On the other hand, a solid desktop computer can be reliable for many years after purchasing it. 


Laptops and desktop computers both have their fair share of pros and cons. The best option for you will depend on your unique priorities and goals. If any of the benefits we’ve listed above appeal to you, then you might want to make the switch from a laptop to a desktop computer. Today, it seems like many remote jobs will remain remote for the foreseeable future. This, in mind, makes sense to “fully commit” to the home office ethos and make your workspace as professional as possible. A desktop computer can definitely help you accomplish this. 

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