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7 Sensational International Honeymoon Destinations for 2018

After all the pressure and tension building up to the wedding day, its finally over. Vows are exchanges, the guests have come and gone, and your family has returned to their homes. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your honeymoon together and unwind from the stress of the last few months.

Wedding planning should include plans for your honeymoon. The world is your oyster, with breath-taking destinations. Whether you enjoy long walks on sandy beaches or a tropical island or relaxing under the big skies of a wildlife reserve in Africa, there’s something to satisfy your soul.

Your honeymoon gives you the opportunity to relax in each other’s company and unwind in a no-pressure setting. Enjoy the local cuisine, take in a show, and sip cocktails on the deck as the sunsets. These special moments of your honeymoon will last in your memory forever.

If you have no idea of where to go on your honeymoon, we’ve picked out the top 10 international honeymoon destinations of 2018. Anyone of these will make for a remarkable and memorable vacation. Choose the honeymoon of your dreams from the list and book your tickets!

1. Oahu – The Hawaiian Islands

Oahu in Hawaiian Islands

The crown jewel of the Pacific lies just west of the United States. The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical paradise filled with lush vegetation, active volcanos, plentiful wildlife and friendly people. The island of Oahu offers tourists a chance to experience the Hawaiian lifestyle. The North shore of the island, known as “the seven-mile miracle,” provides some of the best beaches and surf spots in the world.

Take a hike through the wild rainforests of the island and make campground reservations. Jump off waterfalls, drink fresh coconut water and stop off for some tuna poke on your way back to the hotel. Enjoy a sundowner on your balcony in the warm evening air as you watch the sunset over the ocean. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

2. Ireland – Celtic Tradition

If tropical islands aren’t your thing, then maybe a colder environment will suit you and your partner better. Ireland offers all its visitors a chance to enjoy the “craic” of this Atlantic island. The weather isn’t always great, but the warm smiles and attitude of the Irish people will soothe your soul. Visit the capital, Dublin, and wander around the Temple Bar, taking in the sights and sounds of Irelands most energetic city. Visit St. James gate, the home of the legendary brew “Guinness,” an Irish staple since 1759. Sample a pint and head over to the western seaboard for a visit to Derry, one of Irelands oldest towns. Soak in the local culture and experience a “lock-in” with the locals at an Irish pub.

Visit Blarney Castle and kiss the legendary Blarney stone to bless your marriage. Ireland has so many interesting historical sites and spectacular scenery that will leave you breathless.

3. The Snow-capped Mountains of Austria

The Snow-capped Mountains of Austria

If snow is your thing, then visit the winter-wonderland that is Austria. Set against towering alpine summits and cathedrals that reach for the sky, this European city sits on the banks of the Danube river. Take a walk through the beautiful town and marvel at the architecture. Stop in at a cafe for lunch, enjoy an eisbein and a weissbier before heading off on a mountain trail for an afternoon hike. During the winter, Austria becomes a snow sports paradise, attracting snowboarders and skiers to the country for a season of fun in the white powder. Curl up with your partner in front of a log fire in the evening and watch the snow fall outside through the window of your log cabin.

4. Aysen Region – Southern Chile

Visit the ends of the earth in Southern Chile. The Aysen region is a desolate paradise that offers a peaceful and serene view. Stand on top of jagged cliffs overlooking the southern Pacific Ocean and feel the energy around both of you. This rugged frontier is home to teeming wildlife, massive glaciers, and a sparse population. Don’t forget to bring your camera; the scenery is like nowhere else on the planet.

5. The Sparkling Waters of the Maldives

The Sparkling Waters

Situated south-west of Sri-Lanka, the Maldives islands are the Indian Oceans answer to Hawaii. Snow-white beaches, crystal clear water and some of the best diving in the world. Stay in a bungalow on stilts in the middle of a tropical reef. Wake up in the morning and dive from your bungalow balcony into the crystal clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Brilliantly colored corals, and diverse sea life species make the Maldives perfect for snorkeling and other water-sports activities.

The Maldives features private islands with nearly 100 resorts to choose for your honeymoon. You can expect 5-star service and friendly locals that are always smiling. Swim with the whale sharks and enjoy lunch at a luxurious hotel like the Soneva Fushi, or The One & Only Reethi Rah.

6. Africa Wild – Zambia

Get out in the wild with your partner. Africa offers a wilderness experience like no other continent can. Deep in the heart of the motherland, Zambia is home to a staggering diversity of wildlife including “The Big Five,” Rhinoceros, Leopard, Buffalo, Lion, and Elephant. Take a game drive through a wildlife park and experience the animal’s close-up. After a day of snapping pics and marveling at natures creations, settle in at your hotel and listen to the sounds of the African nightlife as lions and hippos bay in the distance.

7. Party Hard in Ibiza

Party Hard in Ibiza

For those younger couples that like to party, visit the infamous island of Ibiza for the honeymoon of a lifetime. This archipelago of Spain settled in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea is a haven for party animals from all over the world. If you enjoy an evening out dancing, then the Ibiza nightlife will blow you away. Visit the world-renowned super club “Pacha” and spin your partner around the dancefloor until the sun comes up. Enjoy sunrise on the beach holding your partner as you wind down a fantastic evening with a morning mimosa.

Signing Off

Wherever destination you decide on will be an incredible life experience you and your partner will never forget. Your honeymoon marks the beginning of your new life together. Discuss your options with your loved one, then make your booking and enjoy your honeymoon. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for the family and friends!

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