Wedding Jewelry
Image by marla66 from Pixabay

There is no doubt that jewelry is among the top wedding accessories to get in place. Pieces of jewelry like a sapphire ring attract the viewer’s attention. Therefore, wearing a piece that matches not only your gown, but your skin is important. Ever got stuck recently on what bridal jewelry set to go for? Why not try and get from the very best; read Purely Diamonds reviews here.

Have you found love, and you want to make your special day even more beautiful by adorning yourself with a necklace, eternity ring, and earrings of your dreams? It is completely okay to be confused about what to pick from all the eye-catching jewelry you have come in contact with. Here are some tips to help you decide:

Blend with dress

The first factor to consider when choosing any jewel is your wedding dress. Carefully choose a jewelry set that goes with your wedding gown, giving considerations to the color of gown and the design. For example, an ivory-colored gown goes best with gold jewelry and a white dress with silver jewelry set. If at all you decide to go for an emerald ring, make sure to go for the perfect dress blend. It wouldn’t be bad to get a customized jewelry set, though!

Do The Accessories Go With Your Neckline?

As earlier stated, your wedding dress plays a vital role in picking a dress. To determine what kind of jewelry to purchase, you must put into consideration the neckline of your wedding gown to get something that fits perfectly. A strapless neckline depends on a short necklace, but if your gown has a v-neck, you’d best go with a pendant and a striking sapphire ring accessory.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle as the bride influences the choice of jewelry. It is important to have decided what hairstyle to make before going forward to pick and purchase jewelry. If your hair is going to be down, you might consider putting more attention on your neckpiece than your earrings. If you intend to get your hair all wrapped up, then you should consider earrings and a necklace that makes a statement. If possible, match the theme of the wedding. Most importantly, your jewelry must not clash with your wedding dress.

Now Budgeting!!!

An important factor to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry is money. Typically, in planning a wedding, there has to be an allocated amount of money for each undertaking. Get a piece of jewelry that doesn’t mess up your financial plans for the wedding. Some people prefer to spend more on their hair than jewelry, others prefer to spend more on jewelry than on shoes. If you can’t afford to spend a fortune on your first eternity ring, you can always make an upgrade later.

Do You?

It is your special day, and for some people, it is once in a lifetime event, so be comfortable. It is really important to wear a piece that fits your personality, do not wear a piece that does not define you. Some people fall into the trap of ‘he said’ and ‘she said’; hence, they end up not being comfortable with what they are putting on.