Slot Symbols to Wish for
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When slot machines were initially produced, the devices’ symbols were all the same and included playing cards (they were hearts, spades, and diamonds). They additionally had horseshoes and the Liberty Bell, and because of this, the game was named.

This was so for various reasons; for starters, there were only three reels and five symbols per reel, so there did not have to be a lot of symbols. Next, the symbols were familiar to everyone who may be tempted to play. This familiarity would have helped them understand the game a little more and entice them to spend much more money. 

As time went on, that changed. In the early 1900s, gambling became unlawful in many states in America, and the one-armed bandit like slot machines could no longer send out any cash. Instead, they paid out gum because this meant they could still be played. At this particular moment, the symbols began to represent fruit and exactly where the existing term ‘fruit machine’ comes from. 

Various slot machines
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More Changes

Not a great deal changed for a while, and fruit machines stayed as the recognized and well-adorned slots’ face. Nevertheless, in the 1990s, one interesting thing happened; slots went online. At this stage, during this electronic revolution, the symbols on the slot games began to change. This was because it was easy to have themed games made a lot more quickly. This meant themed symbols to go together with the game’s general appearance, such as Irish Luck Slot

Fruit slots were still accessible online and still are today. They’re played by those who appreciate the past’s nostalgia, who maybe were raised with fruit machines, or perhaps who just love the ease of them. Nevertheless, the level of choice we have means that those who may not have liked this kind of slot before certainly have lots of others to select from. 

Bonus Symbols

What you absolutely have to watch out for regarding slot symbols to wish for would be the bonus symbols. They are available in numerous sizes and shapes based on the game you’re playing, and we cannot possibly list all of them, but you will understand them if you see them. They are going to be different from everything else, falling all around the reels, and they might even have the word ‘bonus’ written on them to make life much easier. In case they don’t, it is no problem – you will still be in a position to spot them since the game will change. 

Bonus symbols provide you with multipliers and free spins. They may provide you with access to bonus games if the game you happen to be playing has them, and they may even pay out money then and there. They offer various bonuses and prizes in games that are different, so again we cannot go through all of them, but they’re certainly what you would like to find out once the reels stop spinning.

Featured Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash