Smoking in DC with Abe Lincoln

As I get out and cheap eriacta 50mg about the country and visit local dispensaries, I find quality and access different state by state. I recently had the cipro chance to visit a dispensary in Washington DC and will share my experiences smoking in DC with Abe Lincoln. I have visited California, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, and DC dispensaries. I will give my opinions on the quality of the products, breadth of offerings, and ease of access with comparisons of each state to how DC regulates the cannabis industry. 

Accessing Dispensaries in Washington DC

I was staying in downtown DC and did a google search on the nearest dispensary to my location; there were many in the area I was in (NW DC near the White House). I chose Herbal Alternatives; I did not realize before going that in DC, although DC approved I71 making recreational week legal their are no authorized recreational dispensaries. So the easiest way to get Cannabis in DC is to have a medical card from a state that has reciprocity with DC. Since I have a medical card in Florida and California, I entered by showing my card and filling out some forms. Unfortunately, my wife, who does not have a medical card, could not enter the store. I read about how some establishments are getting around this law from The Garden; they say, “The law clearly states that weed sale is prohibited for recreational use, but it allows us to give it as a gift. Some weed shops have taken this as a cue to help dispense weed to DC residents and tourists. These places do this by selling items such as shirts and hooking customers up with free cannabis as a form of appreciation.” They go on to say that they have a shop called “The Garden DC,” which is a CDB shop following the amoxil aforementioned get-around. I did not find these types of locations, so I can not comment on their selection or quality. Later in the article, I will mention products for the medical dispensary I visited. 

Getting your medical card in California 

Most dispensaries in California are for recreational use, so no need for a medical card. Beware, some locations only allow medical customers; I think this is due to local regulations. In most dispensaries that cater to recreational users, you may still use your medical card as you will have access to additional products, usually higher potency. When I went into a medical dispensary only, I informed them I had an out-of-state medical card, and they gave me a form to fill out online, a doctor approved my card within minutes. I was able to go into the store and viagra discount shop immediately.

Quality of Cannabis and breadth of offerings in Washington DC

When I visited the dispensary in Washington DC, I selected two strains of flower, a Chocolate bar and a vape cartridge. All three were excellent. My only negative comment about purchasing in DC is that it is similar to Florida. They do not have as many brands or a broad selection available as they do out west. You can’t even pick anything up to look at it; you must ask the budtender. Anyhow on to my reviews. 

Finding Flower to Start Smoking in DC

Cherry Chem

Cherry Chem

Cherry Chem is an Indica dominant 70/30 strain created by taking Cherry Pie moms and Chemdawg male making a new strain with awesome properties. 

Taste: When smoking, you get a sweet flavor with a little grassy after taste, not bad at all 

Smell: The smell the smoke puts off is a bit sweet with a cherry profile

Mood: This is a very relaxing high encompassing both a mind and body connection, producing an overall euphoric high which will leave you completely happy and may even put you to sleep. I enjoy smoking before bed to help me have a restful night. After smoking this strain, I slept like a baby. 

Citrus Farmer

Citrus Farmer is a Sativa dominant strain created by crossing the potent Tangerine Skunk X and Grandpa’s Breath strains. This bud is for those who want a heavy high and like its heavy stench. Be ready for the Citrus Farmer’s super powerful effects that will knock you out. 

Taste: fruity citrus flavor with sour herbs and usa online xenical inhaler an earthy aftertaste.

Smell: heavy stench: skunky sour earth with a pungency that has a hit of sharp lemony citrus.

Mood: As your mind soars, your body will start to become slightly relaxed without affecting your energy level or weighing you down in the slightest. With these effects and its super high 30% average THC level, Citrus Farmer is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, stress, glaucoma or eye pressure, and nausea. The Citrus Farmer high is incredibly cerebral in nature with energizing effects that are perfect for those days when you need a little extra help to get going. You’ll feel a rush of uplifted energy amplified by an increased focus and a hint of creativity. 

Chocolate Edibles

chocolate edibles

Herbal alternatives does not have a massive selection of chocolate edibles, but what they have sure do hit the flagyl spot. Each bag of these chocolate edibles contains 10mg apiece and is made with Ghirardelli chocolate!! The flavor tastes more like dark chocolate with no Cannabis flavors that I could detect, delicious. I took three chocolate pieces and had an excellent high that lasted a few hours, it did not make me sleepy, but when I did go to bed, I had the best night’s sleep. 



Vape Cartridge

Blue Cheese (0.5g) Cartridge

I typically vape vs. smoking a joint and lean towards Indica dominate strains to help relax. Blue cheese is a Full Spectrum Cartridge using both Blue Cheese and Goji OG strains for a very relaxing high. This .5g cartridge is 88% THC and has a blend of rich full-spectrum terpenes, all naturally occurring and xenical sale online pure THC distillate. 

Conclusion Smoking in DC

Now you know how you can start Smoking in DC with Abe Lincoln. Points to remember: if you are not a resident of Washington. If you have an out-of-state medical card, you can purchase from a legal, medical dispensary so happy hunting. If you do not have a medical card, you will need to find a CDB shop or medical dispensary that has a workaround to the crazy laws in DC. Enjoy!