Image by whatkatiesbaking from Pixabay

I recently decided to hit up my local dispensary (Green Dragon, Aspen, CO), and purchased a pre-roll called Sour Cookies. To be completely honest, I bought it for the review name alone. Curiosity had me hooked. Sour Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and buy levitra brand pills usa Sour Diesel (the name choices still seize to amaze me).

Whenever I decide to try something new, I always wait to try it on a day that I know I have nothing going on. Or on a day off. This is just good practice for anyone whether you are a long-time cannabis user or not.

My day off finally arrived, and I pulled my chair onto the porch in the evening as the stars were just starting to make an entrance. Sour Cookies certainly gave off an earthy aroma as I opened the tube and I want to say the taste was equally as earthy. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it is good to know how something is going to taste before you decide to go all in.

Most of generic nolvadex online the pre-rolls I buy are about .5 gram. Some people need more, some people need less. Half a gram is about the sale ca flagyl online perfect median for me when I just want the effects of the cannabis rather than a heavy high. Heavy highs can be great, but something a little milder is nice too.

It was packed great, hit smooth, and sent me into creative mode. I don’t think I was ready for creative mode at 10 o’clock at night, but there I was trying to figure out how to busy my mind that late at night. I did end up getting a lot of things done that I just did not have the time for earlier in the day.

Sour Cookies in a small amount can evoke uplifting feelings and quite the head high, however, when smoked in higher doses, consider yourself one with the couch. I have experienced both. I do have to say though, I certainly prefer the effects of it in its smaller doses. I had enough energy to be productive, but when I was done, I was done.

Something I always like to do as well when I want to know if what I experienced was common or not, is that I like to give a quick look. They are really great about documenting universal experiences based on strains.