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Strange but unique weddings

Don’t you want a wedding that respects all the rules of such an event? Want something really memorable and unique? Here are some examples, some very strange, but which might inspire you to organize a totally different wedding.

Wedding with superheroes

Because in the Batman movie, the superhero remains solitary, two British thought to change the ending a little at their wedding. Neil Vaughan and Sharon Wetherell joined forces, wearing the costumes of superheroes (somehow all heroes) like Batman and the Fantastic Woman. The ceremony was like a big Disney party because most of the guests came in disguise. Through the crowd, you could see fantastic characters such as Iron Man, Lara Croft, Incredible Hulk, Yoda, or Joker.

Zombie wedding

If a ceremony with heroes is not a fancy idea, it’s almost certain that you haven’t thought about zombies before. Although they did a classic wedding, with conventional standards, a couple from Russia wanted to make one more, to their own satisfaction. So they thought of an atypical wedding, turning them into zombies. And for the whole ceremony to be as real as possible, the couple, Vitalich and Jirka, as well as their guests, were dressed up as living dead. For all this show, which was meant to be a legal marriage, the two were forced to divorce in order to reach the altar again.

Military wedding

Military Wedding
Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

Perhaps for us, accustomed to peace and quiet, it may seem like an aggressive topic, but military-style ceremonies are highly appreciated by Asian-American parties. Dressed in military uniforms, with kalashnikov in his hand and photos near the tank, organizing a military wedding can be a daunting task for some. A couple from Nanjing, one of the six ancient capitals of China, managed to turn the most beautiful day of their lives into a real military ambush on a field. Their fantasy, which could hide some of the traumas of the war, does not stop here, because the ceremony follows the honeymoon, also in military-style.

Gothic wedding

After the famous wedding of Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese, it was natural for fans to take their example. So the predominantly purple and black outfit of those seems to change the fashion of the white dress and black suit. Or at least reverse them. A Russian couple thought they were implementing the idea, so the bride “shone” in a completely black dress, and the groom dressed in white with flared cuffs and high boots. To the delight of the guests, the outfit was not obligatory.

Intergalactic wedding

Star Wars is by no means a designated one of the best trilogies. Darth Vader from Star Wars has his fans, too, and not just in theaters. Obsessed by the intergalactic world of the film, two young people from the UK directed a final episode of their hit series on their wedding day. She disguised herself as Princess Leia and the groom in Han Solo; the two were closely escorted by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, his huge Wookie co-pilot, and a battalion of soldiers. The wedding, very carefully organized, was a faithful version after one of the Star Wars episodes, because the two have watched the trilogy more than 500 times.

They got married naked.

Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott from Australia have decided to make their wedding nude. A couple of exhibitionists said “YES” wearing only the wedding rings. However, the bride had a veil, and the groom had a hat. The wedding took place in front of 250 guests.

Casino wedding

Las Vegas is well-known as the perfect venue for the ones who like to play casino games and want to combine their hobbies with their special day. Online casino is an alternative way to have some fun, from the comfort of your house, whenever and wherever you want, but to have a themed wedding based on this would be unique. Slot games, roulette, cards, you have a wide variety to choose from and to choose a venue as well. There are a lot of people who chose to have their wedding organized in a casino, just to celebrate their day and enjoy their favorite games at the same time. Pretty awesome, right?

Ceremony among sharks

April Pignataro and Michael Curry from New York got married in a huge shark-filled aquarium. The two were protected by a metal cage. However, the civilian officer did not want to go under the water, and the grooms said “YES” through the helmet.

Wedding on the bike

If you and your partner love sports, and you also like to ride your bike, you can include your passions in the concept of the wedding. A Russian couple, for example, chose to go to civil status, along with their friends, on bicycles.

Wedding at McDonald’s

A UK couple chose to hold the wedding reception at McDonald’s not only because they had memories of the restaurant, but also because it helped them save money. The menu for all the guests cost them only 150 pounds.

Wedding with the robot

In the country of technology, Japan, two young people have chosen their destinies to be joined by a robot. As they both work in the field of robotics, they decided to “spice up” their classic wedding with a less conventional priest officiating the ceremony.

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