Ali Kiba wedding

Kenya gossip news: Stunning photos from Ali Kiba wedding

Kenya gossip news very often amuses the public by juicy details from celebrity engagements and weddings. Have you missed the wedding ceremony of Ali Kiba or just want to remind the most beautiful moments from that big day? We are here to present you the best photos and most exciting details from the wedding ceremonies of the star and his beloved.

This and other Tuko gossip news are just impressive, so do not miss an opportunity to learn more.

Wedding of Ali Kiba for close people

There were several celebrations devoted to the tying knot of the famous bongo music star and his beloved woman. The first wedding ceremony was very colorful and was held in Nyali Mombasa. Close friends and families of the groom and bride were attending the celebration.

Wedding reception

The wedding reception was the invite-only ceremony and was held at Serena hotel. There were invited the former first lady Salma Kikwete, Governor Ali Hassan Joho, Ali Kiba’s friends in the entertainment industry, and other famous and respected guests.

This time the wedding party was attended not only by the close friends and relatives of the couple but also by the respected politicians, top-level businesspersons, and other celebrities. Among the high-rank politicians-guests was Mombasa governor, he even was to cut short his business trip to be present at the wedding party and to congratulate his friend Ali Kiba and his beautiful wife.

Traditional wedding ceremony in Mombasa

The traditional Islamic ceremony was held in Mombasa, at Masjid Ummu-kulthum mosque in Kizingo. The date of the celebration was the 19th of April, 2018.

Ali Kiba, his mother and sister Zabibu, together with the brother, have come one week before the celebration to arrange everything as better as it could be.

The pre- Nikkah wedding photos are stunning. The bride caught all eyes on her. The off-shoulder gown of golden color was really gorgeous, and the bride looked like a queen. We must admit that the designer of the wedding dress done a good job and faceted the beauty of the bride as a real diamond. The wedding attire was amazing, and stylish hair accessory finished the whole ideal image of the bride.

The makeup, hairstyle, and henna on the hands of the bride also should be mentioned because they were matching perfectly and all these made the elegant look of Amina quite impressive.

Amina was wearing the stunning dress before her groom was permitted to receive his bride to the Islamic evening ceremony called Nikkah which was held in the Diamond Jubilee Hall. During the traditional evening ceremony, the bride and the groom were wearing their traditional Islamic wedding attires.

After the Nikkah Ali Kiba and his bride became wife and husband officially and tied their knot as it was assigned by the Allah. They exchanged their vows and signed the marriage certificate. After the official part of the traditional wedding, the party continued.

Ali Kiba’s wife

Many still wonder who that lady who owns the heart of one of the most handsome celebrities in Africa is, and now calls him dear husband. Ali Kiba and his future wife have met in 2016, and they say it was love from the first sight. The lady’s name is Amina Khalif Ahmed Salim, and she is 23. She worked in the office of the governor in Mombasa. Now you can understand why such a respected politician was among the guests at the wedding. Amina is described as a quiet and humble young lady. She was unknown to many until all the fuss surrounding the wedding.

Glamorous wedding celebration in Tanzania

After the traditional celebration, the lovely couple has held a big, bright and glamorous wedding party in the native place of the famous groom, in Tanzania. It is said that the exciting wedding ceremony cost a small fortune of Ksh.50 million. The significant part of this sum was a dowry payment, and the rest of the amount went for the organization of the wedding party and the honeymoon expenses for the trip to Italy. The newlyweds went to this beautiful country just right after the party.

The second Ali Kiba’s wedding celebration of became public fare because the party was broadcasted by one of the Tanzania media houses. The public and fans of the celebrity were not disappointed and got a fantastic сhance to become distant guests of that unbelievably luxurious celebration.

If you look at the wedding photos and video of the second ceremony you can see how beautiful and delicate the bride looked in her off-shoulder show-white flowing gown wearing a cute tiara. The groom also looked stylish wearing a black suit with an elegant tie and buttonhole bouquet.

The wedding of Ali Kiba was a long-awaited occasion, and, if to be fair, the star didn’t disappoint his fans and the public in general. Especially everybody enjoyed the second more bright and fun celebration. Ali Kiba has chosen a beautiful and decent lady to be his wife, and we hope that they will only strengthen their relationships and will leave as one whole despite all ups and downs the life has prepared for them. We wish the newlyweds to love and appreciate each other.

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