Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardly. The best people formula for great websites.


Mad Scientist

Lemuel is our Mad Scientist who keeps crazy and extraordinary ideas around. He never stops trying to invent new formulas so never do we. You may have seen him around in our storefront accompanying you during your WordPress theme shopping experience. He might look less villainous and eccentric than his peer scientists but his genius ideas never come short.

Michael Hutagalung


Michael started Colorlabs in 2008 and entered the WordPress theme market with Arthemia Premium. He is now involved in making strategic decisions for the company and ensures the well-being of its employees. He has always had a thing for web design and development since he was a little and is now looking for business opportunities to expand Colorlabs and bring it to a new level.

Kaspito Hutagalung


Kaspito is the in-charged. He is so dedicated even to the tiniest bit of Colorlabs. He leads the team with enthusiasm and actively ensures everything runs on track, responds to sales and account inquiries, and recruits new talents. He sings in his spare time and is always excited about business ideas. Although he is dedicated much in his work, he never forgets to give us his killer smile.

Anang Pratika

Product Manager

It was 2010 when Anang joined Colorlabs as a Web Developer and found out that WordPress is his soul-mate. Now he heads the Product and Support Department. He and his team sit in front of the screens for hours a day, developing high functioned WordPress themes for members. Breaking a deadline is a sin in his book, that means staying up late and working long hours if possible. He believes that with work and commitment nothing is impossible.

Collaborative Designers

Colorlabs co-works and collaborates with creative web designers from all over Indonesia (and beyond) to create wonderful and breath-taking WordPress products. Here are some of the designers whom we’ve worked with:

Mohammad Zulkarnain

Surabaya, Indonesia

Sunil Joshi

Ahmedabad, India

Monika Halim

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dhimas Ronggobramantyo

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Septi Yulia Sari

Jakarta, Indonesia

Firman Firdaus

Jakarta, Indonesia

Andre Septian

Jakarta, Indonesia