Terpene Infused RAW Cone

I have been recently experimenting with Terpene infused papers. I found the RAW Lemon Tree Terpene King size cone and hayageek.com canadian eriacta online purchased it to see if the clomid lifeonmissionconference.ca Terrapins in this product help enhance my high. I have tried some oil in my bong water and found that to impact the high; I’ll be experimenting more with sprays on joints and will provide my review in a later article for both products. For now, let’s review my experience with the Lemon Tree Terpene Infused RAW King Size Cone.  

Terpene Infused RAW Cone Packaging 

My initial take on the packaging is that it’s simple but very uninformative. Given that it’s not a common type of paper, one would expect a description of what the terpenes do combined with the paper and how it works with THC to enhance the high. I’d really like to know precisely which Terpenes are included as each has its own effect and I would prefer to pick ones which I desire. They come in a nice hard plastic tube that makes it nice to transport after packing to take on a hike. After opening the tube, I noticed that the this link tube was airtight because the lemon scent was very strong. I have seen better packing for individual packaged papers/cones. Cheaper packaging than the Lemon Tree Terpene Infused RAW King Size Cone came in the same packaging except that the tube was glass. 


Terpene Infused RAW Cone taste profile.

My first impression of the Lemon Tree flavored cone was very good. After opening the airtight tube, the sent of lemon was very strong. I went in with high hopes on taste. However, I was very disappointed while smoking it as the taste of lemon was very slight, almost nonexistent. I expected the taste to be at a higher level than it actually was.

Terpene Effect 

I was very disappointed in the level of high that I got. Using two different cones with the same flower and the same amount, both cones were the buy clomid same size (110 mm); I smoked it about several hours after smoking a RAW classic king-size cone and did not feel anything different between the two cones. Given that the Lemon Tree cone is infused with terpenes, I expected a different high, seeing how the Terpenes should enhance the high. 


Terpene Infused RAW Cone Cost

The smoke shop we bought it from charged $11.99 for one, which I suspected to be very high. After researching online, I found that you can buy 12 for $50, which comes to about $4.16 each. Of course, things tend to be less expensive when you buy in larger quantities.


Between the higher cost even when buying in bulk, I don’t think I would ever repurchase this product, seeing as the effects are identical to plain paper. I will continue to research and report back on terrapin-infused cones that do, in fact, work and buy proscar online jacksdale.org.uk provide more info on their labeling. I expected more from RAW, but I guess with all their other great products, I can give them a break here. Let me know if you had a different experience; I’d love to hear about it. 

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