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The Best Chef Gear of 2019

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant, and as a restaurant owner, you want to be sure that the kitchen and the staff are well equipped to take your restaurant to the top.

It should be no secret that the kitchen is one of the biggest investments when opening a new restaurant or when remodeling. And you’ll need resilient, industrial grade equipment arranged to ensure quick preparation and delivery. You’ll also need passionate staff who can handle the steep demands of fast-paced restaurant work.

The following are some other important things you’ll need to provide to your kitchen and staff.

Specialized ovens and ranges

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Depending on the type of restaurant you’re running, your needs can vary wildly as far as commercial ovens or ranges go. None of this equipment is cheap, but it will last decades if properly cared for, and acquiring the proper equipment is critical to your success.

If you’re running something like a burger joint or plan to serve a wide range of barbeque items, then you’ll need a large grill. Most recommend gas models over electric to keep costs down. If you’re planning on offering classic “comfort foods” like meatloaf, pot roast, and pasta dishes, then investing in a larger commercial oven is a good idea.

Some of these can be combined with a steamer for easy preparation of vegetables as well. In the beginning, it can often be best to opt for a diverse range of simple choices and avoid buying specialized equipment until you know you need it.

Proper apparel

Of course, cooking equipment is just one piece of the puzzle, albeit a large one. The rest of your equipment matters too, including your staff apparel.

This can make a bigger difference than you may think: firstly, keeping a uniform look is good for brand identity, and customers tend to feel more comfortable at establishments where employees are in uniform. A uniform also reinforces that each staff member is part of the team, which can have positive psychological effects.

Versatile, high quality apparel, such as options from Jobeline, are important for performance as well. Apparel needs to be resilient and breathable to handle the stressful environment of a busy kitchen. Chef jackets in particular should be thick and fire resistant in order to protect from burns, cuts, and other hazards. Providing aprons for protection against stains can make it easier to maintain professionalism as well.

Speaking of hazards, a slippery kitchen floor is one of the most dangerous hazards in this environment. Ensuring workers are outfitted with proper slip resistant and practical shoes is paramount for safety and comfort when working long hours.

Chef tools

When it comes to kitchen tools, it’s hard to overestimate the value of a good knife. Knives are your chef’s most commonly used tools, and spending the time to find high quality products is important for safety and consistent cuts.

The kinds of knives you need will depend on your menu and can range from a simple chef’s knife to cleavers or more specialized blades. In general, you want blades made of harder metals that won’t dull quickly and that have comfortable handles for ease of use.

Aside from the usual tools that should be available in any kitchen (strainers, tongs, thermometers, spatulas, etc.), you may decide to go the extra mile with your tools and appliances. The mandoline slicer, for example, is commonly found in professional kitchens. When speed is needed more than the precise cuts of a knife, the mandoline can slice razor thin vegetables in a matter of seconds, making it ideal for fries or mixed vegetable dishes.

Whether you opt for a basic setup to start out or go for higher end models for your equipment, always ensure everything is properly cleaned and maintained. Most kitchen tools and appliances will stay with you for the long term if treated well, so you can focus on your menu and turning a profit.

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