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The Best Spots for an Icelandic Destination Wedding

If you’re planning an Iceland wedding, know that you’ve come to the right place. There’s tons to see and do in this magnificent country, and if you are looking for a place for the perfect destination wedding, Iceland is the place to be.

Iceland is known colloquially as the land of fire and ice, but who’s to say that ice can’t mean the sparkling ring on your finger? Since Iceland is so diverse, here are some locales in the country which makes for great spots to get hitched.

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park
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This national park is chock full of history, it is home to the first known European parliament gathering. Thingvellir is also an unique location because it’s where the North American and European tectonic plates are pulling apart from each other. This makes the area technically a geographical no man’s land — when you stand on the ground there, you’re not standing on a continent at all.

Because it is such an unique place, why wouldn’t you want to get married here? There are plenty of places for cool photoshoots between rocks that have been pulled apart, some little waterfalls, and a cool and barren landscape.

Hallgrimskirkja and the Blue Lagoon

If you decide to have a ceremony in the lovely capital city of Reykjavik, it is a must to get married in the imposing Hallgrimskirkja. This striking church is not only is the tallest building in the country, but it comes with the best view of Reykjavik’s town and harbor.

Its design was inspired by Iceland’s own basalt rock formations, and it’s in the shape of a sloping curve, with the top point being the tip of the church. After the ceremony, don’t forget to take a few snaps in front of the statue of Leif Eriksson right in front of the church.

Afterwards, settle down and relax at the Blue Lagoon. While this place isn’t necessarily a great spot to get married, it is still a must see whenever anyone visits Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a massive geothermal pool, with water rich in sulfur and silica, which is great for your skin. You and your hunny can spend the day here relaxing after your nuptials, bathing in the water and treating yourselves to a massage.

Gullfoss waterfall

Located on the popular Golden Circle, Gullfoss is one of the most recognized waterfalls in all of Iceland. What’s unique about the viewing platform is that you are looking down at Gullfoss, instead of up. The waterfall plunges into a canyon and you’ll be able to see two cascades from your vantage point above it.

This allows for fantastic pictures, and if you’re lucky, maybe you can even catch a few rainbows! Gullfoss isn’t that far away from Thingvellir, so if you wanted to see both on your big day, it is easily doable.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

One of the most popular attractions in Iceland is this glacier lagoon, which is located on the southeast corner of the island. The large glacier that feeds into the lagoon takes up a vast majority of eastern Iceland, and what’s most spectacular is that you’re only seeing a tiny part of it.

During the summer, you can catch a boat to ride among the ice chunks. But even if you’re there during the off season, it is incredible to watch the massive pieces of ice float by. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse at some seals.

When you are planning your destination wedding in Iceland, know that you can’t go wrong with any spot you pick.

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