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The Statement Designs of Celebrity Engagement Rings

When a couple announces their engagement, one of the first questions likely to be asked is can I see the ring? That is unless the ring is already the focus of the announcement photograph, which is the case for many people, especially celebrity couples. Many announcements from our favorite famous couples on social media earn millions of likes and the picture is often solely of the ring. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement over Instagram, both posting identical simple photographs of their ring and together earned over three million likes. Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, and Lady Gaga each posted photos of their new engagement rings online making a similar impact.

The attention that the ring brings is causing a shift in our modern preference for ring style. Traditionally, the circle cut has been the most iconic and preferred shape of a diamond. However, in the wake of much celebrity attention and support, preferences have been slowly moving away from understated engagement rings and toward greater creative expression. The engagement ring is now seen as a statement for couples, a chance to show off their good taste and design ideas. Here are some famous examples:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s first engagement ring, given to her by now ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney, was designed by the famous Lorraine Schwartz and was a heart-shaped diamond. Although the engagement was short-lived, the ring’s bold design caused a stir online. Then, during a period of mystery, Lady Gaga began wearing a bold pink sapphire on a diamond halo setting, which she later admitted was an engagement ring from her partner Christian Carino.

Emily Ratajkowski

Often flaunted on her Instagram profile, the model’s engagement ring deviates from the traditionally-favored solitaire design and instead sit two large diamonds on top of the gold band. The clear diamonds are square and pear cut, respectively, both also uncommon.

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Kylie Minogue

Kylie’s ring is instantly dazzling and for good reason. The central emerald-shaped diamond is set on a double halo of smaller diamonds making it sparkle from every angle and imbuing it with an art-deco feel.

Solange Knowles

Continuing the favor for art-deco design, Solange has brought the prong design back into discussion with her bold ring from Alan Ferguson. The two large stones, an emerald and a square cut, are mounted upon a delicate, open gold band.

Bridget Marquardt

Notably stating that she would not want a classic ring design, Bridget was given an unusual but stunning pavé diamond ring shaped like a spider. Since her partner is well-known scary movie director Nick Carpenter, the design choice makes a lot of sense!

The creative choices that celebrities are taking with their engagement rings, as well as the online discussion that they provoke, are steering more couples to make interesting choices with their engagement rings. Colors, such as pink and yellow, are appearing more often. Shapes are becoming more diversified too. While we may not all have the millions of dollars to spend on a Lorraine Schwartz ring, jewelry designers like Tacori offer a wide variety of diamond engagement ring designs on the high street and online. 

More people are looking for designs that stand out from the crowd and are turning to jewelers and designers for ring advice. Like celebrities, these jewelers are also becoming social media famous, with more people keeping an eye on their feeds for inspiration. While the clear, round cut diamond remains the most popular choice for an American engagement ring, it looks like this may change as more people begin to consider what their engagement ring says about their relationship.

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