quit smoking

Your wedding day is fast approaching and the planning process is well underway. The attire has been chosen, your flowers have been selected, you’ve decided on your menu and you’re working on your playlist. It seems like everything is in order and that it will be a perfectly wonderful and memorable day. But there’s just one problem…

You’re still smoking.

In fact, since you started planning your wedding, the habit of lighting up may have gone from bad to worse. All of the stress of the nerves and stress that you’ve been feeling has made you start smoking like a chimney. Do you really want to ruin all of your planning by smoking on your wedding day? Think about it: what could be worse than lighting up while you’re dressed in your wedding day attire? What happens if you singe your gown or your tux? Do you really want to smell like an ashtray when you share your first kiss as husband and wife and greet your guests? Do you want to miss out on any part of your most magical day because you just had to run outside for a smoke break? Yeah, we didn’t think so…

While you want nothing more than to quit smoking before your wedding day, you think doing so is a task that just can be achieved. Rest assured that with the following tips – and some will power – you can kick the bait before your big day.

Choose a Quite Date – And Commit to It!

Choose a Quite Date

Make your quit date at least 2 months before your wedding day. You want to give yourself some time to get acclimated with your smoke-free lifestyle well in advance of the big day. If you’re a long-time smoker, lighting up is a part of your life, and when you’re so accustomed to something, it can be hard to adjust. Plus, as the big day draws closer, your stress levels are bound to rise, which will make it quitting even harder. If you stop well ahead of your wedding date, you’ll be less likely to reach for a pack as the day draws nearer.

Try Vaping

One of the reasons why quitting smoking is hard for many people is because of the psychological attachment to it. The rituals that are associated with it and the act of smoking become a big part of a smoker’s life. It’s hard to break away from those actions and rituals. With vaping, you can still enjoy the act of smoking without actually smoking. Plus, it doesn’t smell, it’s much more discreet, and there are so many different e-liquid flavors to choose from.

In fact, many smokers find that vaping is a highly effective way to quit smoking.

Take Up a Hobby

Smoking is kind of like a hobby; albeit a bad hobby, but a hobby all the same. It’s something that you do to pass the time, it makes you feel relaxed, you enjoy it… you experience all the things you would with any other type of hobby – except it’s extremely unhealthy, it’s unbelievably expensive, and it just plain stinks.

Try taking up a new hobby to replace your old one. Painting, drawing, making crafts – heck, even planning your wedding – are all health hobbies that can replace smoking.

Start Exercising

Start Exercising

Develop an exercise routine! When you’re smoking, it’s hard to keep up with workouts because you get winded so easily. Once you stop smoking, imagine how much easier it will be to go on bike rides, jog, swim, or actually complete those aerobic classes you signed up for without having to stop half-way through because you’re out of breath or need a smoke break…

Exercising will make you feel great about yourself and your decision to quit smoking that you probably won’t even miss it. Plus, you’ll be able to shed a few pounds and get a sleek physique for your wedding.

Try Relaxation Techniques

When you’re smoking, your automatic reaction to stress is to light up. It helps you feel relaxed and gives you a break from reality, if only for just a few minutes. It’s funny though, how smokers tend to smoke even more when they’re stressed because cigarettes increase your heart rate, which makes it even harder to deal with stress.

Instead of smoking, try a healthier stress-relief option. Try meditating, taking up yoga, or doing deep breathing exercises. Even something as simple as getting outside and taking a walk in nature can help you de-stress. These stress relief methods aren’t only healthier, but they can actually help you curb your cravings and avoid lighting up.

Stay Hydrated

When you quit smoking, drinking plenty of water is important. It helps to increase the rate of your nicotine detox, which will make it easier to get over cravings. Drinking water can also help to clear out your lungs, boost the oxygen levels in your body, and combat the increase in appetite that so many people experience when they quit smoking.

Remember Your Reason for Quitting

Above all else, one of the most effective ways to quit smoking before your wedding day is to always keep your reason for quitting in the forefront of your mind. Remember why you want to quit and you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to stay on track. It might help to print out a picture of your fiancé, to keep an invitation close at hand, or to have a photo of your wedding day attire on you at all times. When a craving strikes, remember your reason for quitting so you don’t succumb to the urge and light up.

Summing It Up

Imagine how much more amazing your big day will be when you aren’t being dragged down by a habit that is as nasty as smoking? You CAN quit smoking before your big day! Use these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a smoke-free wedding day that isn’t marred by stinky and unhealthy cigarettes.