Top 5 Destinations for a Winter Honeymoon
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Your honeymoon is the most important vacation in your life, so you want it to be special. A winter wedding opens up a broad range of magical possibilities around the world. No matter what your interests may be, there is a destination perfect for you and your beloved. The first question when deciding on your winter honeymoon destination must be whether you want to embrace the winter or escape to warmer climes. If your special day falls around the traditional holiday season, you can take advantage of festivals, and special events around the world related to Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve.

Here are five wonderful destinations to consider.

#1. New York City

NYC is often the backdrop for romantic comedy films for a good reason, and the holiday season is truly magical. The outdoor skating rink at the Rockefeller Center is where couples hold hands as they glide across the ice, and the giant Christmas tree there is always the best dressed in the city. Nearby, Radio City Music Hall features the Radio City Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular, which is a must for anyone immersed in the festive spirit. 

If you prefer to save your pennies for other romantic gestures, the outdoor ice rink at Bryant Park is free and also centrally located on the corner of W 42nd and 5th. Bring your own skates or, for a small fee, there’s both skate hire and skating lessons. Bryant Park also hosts a Winter Village, where you can enjoy hot chocolate and other festive fares. 

Head to Union Square for the Union Square Holiday Market. Here you can select special honeymoon souvenirs from their craft and memorabilia stalls. The New York Botanical Garden hosts an annual Holiday Train Show. The miniature trains run through a downscaled city landscape where all the replicas of the city’s landmarks are constructed from natural materials.

No visit to NYC is complete without a walk across Times Square. Share a packet of honey-roast peanuts from one of the street vendors and admire the city’s most famous advertising space. If you happen to be there on New Year’s Eve, hang around to watch the midnight ball drop. If you plan to be in the Big Apple, check out this NYC neighborhood guide.

#2. Hotel le Cheval Blanc, France

Courchevel, France
Image by 453169 from Pixabay

Is any country more romantic than France? If you and your beloved love winter sports and really pamper yourselves on a winter honeymoon, head over to Hotel le Cheval Blanc, Courchevel, France, to experience the world’s most romantic ski resort.

The hotel has direct access to the Three Valleys, the world’s largest ski area with 360 miles of runs and a top elevation of 10,600 feet. The hotel organizes many unique winter sports activities, including illuminated night skiing and hot air balloon rides across the Alps. Learn how to ski from local experts or maybe investigate trying out the sport of snowboarding

After your hard day on the slopes, return to the hotel for special treatment at the Guerlain Spa. This 36-room luxury hotel also features Courchevel’s only 3-star Michelin restaurant, so you and your beloved can enjoy French cuisine at its finest.

#3. Iceland

Iceland may seem an unusual choice for your winter honeymoon, but it’s the best destination if you want to truly embrace winter. Its long and dark winter nights, combined with its proximity to the Arctic Circle, make Iceland one of the best places in the world to experience the mystical phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. Few natural attractions are as magical as Mother Nature’s greatest light show.

During the winter months, you and your beloved can join exciting glacier hiking tours and walk atop glaciers in Vatnajökull National Park. Seasonal ice caves allow you to see deep into the ice, and volcanoes alongside the glacier provide other natural attractions. 

The geothermal activity below the ground results in many geysers around Iceland, including Geyser Hot Springs and the nearby Strokkur Geyser. Strokkur erupts every 6-10 minutes in a spectacular 66-feet-tall fountain of steaming water. At Fontana Hot Springs, you can try hyerabrauo. This traditional Icelandic rye bread is baked underground using geothermal heat. 

#4. The Great Barrier Reef

If you want to escape the winter chill, when it’s cold in Colorado, it’s hot in the Outback. Australia is a fantastic destination for anyone who wants to escape the snowy north and see the sun. And there is nowhere more remarkable in Australia than the Great Barrier Reef.

The world’s biggest coral reef system is accessible to anyone who loves nature and wants to see the magical underwater kingdom off Australia’s eastern coastline. Water sports enthusiasts can visit the beautiful marine preserves by scuba diving or snorkeling. 

Those who want to enjoy a cocktail and sunbathe while exploring the reefs can opt for a glass-bottomed boat tour. And there are even submarine tours for honeymooners who want to come face-to-face with sharks without getting their feet wet.

The surface isn’t too shabby, too. You can enjoy private walks across pristine sandy beaches and enjoy romantic sunsets on one of the many island resorts along the reef. Some islands, such as Fitzroy Island, boast mountains, rainforests, and unique flora and fauna.

#5. Maui

Maui Beach
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

A more traditional winter holiday spot is Hawaii. Maui is a particularly great destination for romantic honeymoons because it offers so many great choices for days out together. 

You can explore the rainforest together by driving along the famous Hāna Highway linking Kahului to East Maui. Hawaii Routes 360 and 36 meanders along the northern coastline past picturesque waterfalls, cross over 59 bridges and pass through lush tropical rainforest.

Healthy honeymooners can opt to climb the 10,000-feet-tall Mount Haleakalā. If you climb the mountain in the evening, you can enjoy a spectacular romantic sunset across the Pacific. 

Humans aren’t the only honeymooners who head to Hawaii. Every winter between December and May, around 12,000 humpback whales migrate down from Alaska to procreate in the warm waters off the coast of Maui. A cruise off the island’s coast enables you to come face-to-face with the largest mammals on Earth. 

Final Thought

Where ever you choose for your winter honeymoon whether it is a cold climate or warm, may you have many memories to share for years to come.