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5 important features of the famous Rolex watch models

When, in 1905, Mr. Alfred Davis and his brother in law, Mr. Hans Wildorf, began importing Swiss watch movements and mechanisms in the United Kingdom, they could never have imagined that they were about to create one of the most iconic brands in the world and that London was to become one of the world capitals for the market of Rolex watches, be they brand new or used models. Rolex watches new and pre owned are currently sold in many luxury shops, such as, for example, the very well-known WatchClub.

 We are now going to discover 5 important features of the famous Rolex watch models together.

    1. Rolex is not only a brand name The etymology of the Rolexbrand name has never been officially confirmed. This brand name was initially registered in 1905 as Rolex SA in the United Kingdom. One of the unofficial histories about the name states that it originated from the French phrase “horlogerie exquise”, meaning “exquisite watchmaking”. Mr. Wildorf wanted his brand to be easily pronounced all over the world. It has also been suggested that “Rolex” is similar to the sound watches make when they are winded an it is short enough to easily fit into a watch quadrant. We do not know what actually happened, but we are glad that it happened!
      Rolex Daytona
  1. Functional design The Rolex company created many special models as the years went by. The most famous amongst them has been created and produced with specific purposes in mind, especially for the most adventurous people. Therefore, the Rolex company created watch models for mountaineering, aviation and deep scuba diving, just to mention a few specific models. The Explorer model, for example, has been created with mountain climbers in mind, whereas the Daytonamodel is a timepiece for racing pilots.
  2. Innovators Probably, innovation has always been the main line of thinking for the Rolex company, as this brand can rely on an impressive record in the field of wristwatches. You have already read about the Master GMT model, able to show two time zones at the same time. In 1925, Rolex was the first company able to build a water-resistant wristwatch, the Oyster  model. Almost twenty years later, the Rolex company produced the first ever watch featuring automatically changing dates. Indeed, many of the features we take for granted in watches nowadays were created by the Rolex company first.
  3. Rolex watches are worn by celebrities Wearing a Rolex means more than wearing a simple wristwatch. If you are wearing a Rolex watch, then you are in good company. Many famous actors, important soccer players and influent CEOs proudly wear a Rolex. It is also interesting to notice that our favorite Rolex-wearing star is a fictitious character. Who are we talking about? James Bond, of course! When this iconic secret agent was portrayed by Sean Connery for the first time, he was wearing no less than a Rolex Submarineron his well-toned wrist. However, the Omega watchmaking company bought the right for its models to be worn by James Bond in the more recent 007 movies.
  4. Rolex watches are an excellent investment A well-kept vintage Rolex watch model is much more valuable than its original price. When one considers that any given Rolex model may have been worn by a celebrity and you have won the pot! For example, on October 26, 2017, a Rolex Daytona watch model having been owned and worn by Paul Newman, the famous actor, was auctioned for somewhat more than 15 million euros!

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