Where To Go On Honeymoon

So, it finally happened. You did it! You stopped kissing frogs, and met your Prince Charming. You found your enchanted prince, and you didn’t even have to go to play Enchanted Prince slot to do it! Everything you’d always dreamed about started to happen – the proposal, the planning, and then the big day itself. The big day that felt like a lifetime’s work by the time it happened!

For almost everybody, their wedding day is one of the happiest days of their lives. Only the birth of children really compares. But, even as wonderful as it is, it’s just one day. You can spend all of your free time planning it for months or even years in advance, and then it’s gone in the blink of an eye. Not only can that be a little sad the next day, you also don’t know what to do with your free time now there’s no more planning to do. That’s exactly what honeymoon are for. Not only are they an extension of your wedding, it’s a time to shut off and relax for a while now all the hard work is done. So that just leaves one question. Where should you go?

That decision is very much up to you, but we can happily tell you which destinations are popular, and what makes them great!

South America

machu picchu

We’re not suggesting you visit the whole continent, unless you have plenty of money to spare and fancy a backpacking trip with a difference, but various South American countries are becoming increasingly popular with honeymooners. There was even a Belgian couple there recently who decided to extend their honeymoon for seven entire months because they loved it so much. That might be a little excessive, but we certainly understand the charm.

The natural environment in South America is breathtaking. From rolling deserts to teeming waterfalls, the landscape is as varied as the range of cultures and activities within the continent. Brazil and Argentina are particularly popular. Argentina’s range of weather and scenery means you could hang out on a glacier somewhere in Patagonia, or spend all night at a party in Buenos Aires. Everybody knows about the party scene in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, but a better kept secret is the trendy hideout of Trancoso, which sits on the Bahia coast. It has a great and growing reputation for fashion and culture, with plenty to see.


 People always say that Paris is the city of romance, but how can it be when it’s in France and not Italy? What could possibly be more romantic than punting down the watery streets of Venice? Where will you encounter more passion for food, or culture, or art…or just about anything for that matter… than Italy?

Italy revels in its reputation as being a great country for lovers. The highly exclusive island of Capri positively embraces its reputation for welcoming honeymooners if you have the budget to get there. If not, don’t despair. As well as Venice, there’s the Amalfi Coast to see, full of historic towns and villages. Why not stay in a villa in Tuscany, or walk along the beaches of Sardinia? Eat, drink, laugh, love, be merry. It’s pretty much what Italy was made for.

The Maldives

 Going on honeymoon to the Maldives may feel a little cliched or contrived, but there’s a reason why they’ve built and maintained such a reputation as a great honeymoon destination. For a start, you won’t find beaches like the ones in the Maldives anywhere else on Earth. Beautiful, powder fine white sand meeting clear, blue-green seas beneath open skies. What could be better for relaxation? But if you prefer to be a little more active when you’re on honeymoon, then don’t worry, they have you covered for that as well.

Ever been to an underwater club? Of course you haven’t, who has? But you could if you came on honeymoon to the Maldives and visited Niyama. Huvafen Fushi is a great hub of creativeness and culture which has an almost new-age feel to it. Previously the preserve of the rich, the Maldives have become more affordable in recent years as they’ve finally opened themselves up to package holidays. It could be a great time to take advantage!

The Seychelles

Sticking with the theme, how about the Seychelles? If you’re looking for recommendations, they probably don’t come much higher than this one: Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon here. If it’s good enough as a honeymoon destination for a Royal couple, it should be good enough for the rest of us.

It’s easy to see why they chose it. It’s stunningly beautiful and almost impossibly clean. It’s also a  boutique shopper and traveler’s dream, with exclusive resorts and private islands everywhere you look. Whilst you might struggle to find anybody offering all-inclusive or package deals, there are a few well known brands offering accommodation, so it’s not exclusively the resort of the rich and famous. You won’t be able to get here cheaply, but you’ll absolutely get your money’s worth.



For a little while, Greece fell out of fashion when it came to honeymoon destinations. We think a combination of the political and economic uncertainty about the country may have put people off. Happily, we can tell you in no uncertain terms that it’s definitely back on the map. And the reasons you should consider it are exactly the same as the reasons it was always great. Outstanding natural beauty, a range of islands to visit, incredible food, and a range of private villas to choose from. You can create your own personal paradise.

There’s another good reason to visit Greece, too: It’s a lot cheaper than it used to be. The effects of the recent recession are still being felt, and prices haven’t climbed all the way back up to where they were ten years ago. Greece welcomes tourists as it recovers, and in return you get a great and cost effective honeymoon. What’s not to love?

There’s nothing to say you shouldn’t look at honeymoon destinations beyond what we’ve detailed here. You have the whole world to choose from, and you should go for whatever makes you happy. We just wanted to make you aware of a few places you may not have considered. And if we did, we’re glad we could help!

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