African safari Honeymoon

Top reasons why an African safari Honeymoon should be top of your post-wedding list

So you’ve met your wonderful partner, got engaged and actually got married. After that the honeymoon is probably the most important holiday a couple is likely to take but finding the perfect destination can become a bit of a challenge

Some of us like to soak up the sun at the beach whilst other prefer something a little bit more adventurous. Combining stunning wildlife and breath-taking landscapes Africa safaris really do offer something for everyone which is why more and more newlyweds are jetting on off on a safari adventure each year.

If you’re planning your wedding, or honeymoon, these are the top reasons why an African safari is the perfect post- wedding spot:


Safari lodges guarantee almost complete privacy, allowing you to relax and unwind without the hustle and bustle of a busy resort. Offering late-night drinks and candle-lit meals under the stars it’s the perfect romantic retreat and of course, there will be no bedroom interruptions either!

Luxury lodges from safari honeymoon experts

Safari travel experts like Africa Odyssey offer a range of honeymoon safari packages that are ideally suited to loved- up couples. These often include luxury lodges complete with thoughtful and romantic touches that can make a honeymoon that little bit more special.

Rest and unwind in the comfort of modern amenities, step back and just admire the views.

The food

Honeymoons are all about sampling some of the continent’s finest cuisine and safari chefs don’t disappoint. Safari lodges in places like Cape Town are renowned for having some of the best eating

You can also indulge plenty of fresh, local produce in places like Zambia and Namibia.

couples enjoying honeymoon

Hot-air balloons

There’s nothing quite as exciting and romantic as a hot-air balloon ride. Take a trip and have some wine whilst exploring the National Parks by air.

The cultural experience

It’s not all buffets and cocktails because an African safari can also be a unique cultural trip too. Head out there and make lots of new friends, try and speak the local language, engage with wildlife and completely immerse yourself in an entirely different culture.

The sunsets

Although it’s not all just trees and sunsets the saying is true: not only do the stars seem to shine brighter but the moon looks bigger too, making those unforgettable moments even more special.

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