Reasons to Try Surfing
Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Does the endless blues of the oceans and the boundless energy of the waves excite you? Do you rush to get your vitamin sea dose several times in a year, or even a month? If the answer to both of these questions is a big yes.  Are you ready to try surfing? 

After all, it takes you closer to the vast expanse of the seas while giving you several physical and mental benefits. You have heard everyone talk about how important it is to engage in fitness activities daily. Now, imagine making some of the most beautiful locations on the planet as your fitness center. Sounds perfect, right?

With all that in mind, have a look at the top seven reasons to try surfing. Read on to know more!

Good exercise
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Ensures the Full-Body Workout

If you keep up with the latest fitness trends, you have undoubtedly heard about the increasing demand for activities that ensure a full-body workout. The truth is that there are very few activities that can promise a complete workout for the entire body. 

Surfing is something that genuinely guarantees a full-body workout by giving you the ideal blend of strength training and cardio. From riding waves to paddling out, every aspect of surfing helps you work on your stamina, agility, balance, and strength. The fact that it’s also equally enjoyable is like the cherry on top.

Teaches You to Be Patient

It takes time to learn any new activity or sport, but surfing takes longer than usual. While there is no denying that it’s fun, it is also quite complicated to learn. You need serious perseverance to master the art of catching the waves.

Basically, with surfing, you need to be patient all the way. From agonizing over the right board to purchase to wait for the perfect wave – nothing will come easy. It is a highly fulfilling experience in the end because your patience will improve, and with that, you will gradually learn to be great at the sport.

Practice makes perfect
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Gives You the Opportunity to Travel

To be honest, you don’t need an excuse to travel to your favorite destinations. All you need is an opportunity, and surfing brings you plenty of such travel opportunities. After all, a trip is more fun when you also have plans to indulge in an adventure sport that you are passionate about. It is natural for surfers to travel to various beach destinations around the world and test new waters.

The best part is that meeting the local mermaids and mermen and exploring new waters will keep your inherent love for surfing alive forever. If you have never tried it before, then your next trip to the beach is the perfect time to start.

Surfing Lets You Forge Meaningful Friendships

Being a surfer makes you a part of a local and global community, which allows you to share your experiences with others. There are bonding and camaraderie found among surfers that are rare in many other sporting communities.

Becoming a part of the surfer community needs attention and respect, and it involves sharing trips to foreign lands. You will get to enjoy stormy weather surfs, the perfect sunsets, and 5 am patrols with your surfing buddies. It’s no wonder that all surfers are known for their tribe mentality. 

After a long day of catching the waves, open a case of fine ale and start discussing that wave that Mike dropped in on. So unload your kayak from the kayak roof rack, and let the good times roll.

Ready to go
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Surfing Builds a Greater Appreciation for Nature

From getting a closer look at the ocean life to the feeling of being one with the waves, surfing brings you closer to nature. And, in this process, you start appreciating it more and more. A surfer will never pollute the oceans and beaches, or even the rest of the planet. 

They rely on those tides and feel the effects of marine pollution first hand. She would encourage others to follow suit in keeping our planet clean and green. Thus, surfing gives you a better perspective on how Mother Nature is being wronged.

Surfing as a Form of Mental Release

The sea is frequently being referred to as the great equalizer. It means that the azure waters don’t judge you based on your money, fame, profession, or background. For the sea, everyone is equal, and its beauty is for all to enjoy.

When you surf, you can leave all your stress and mental baggage back on the shore and involve yourself in a release like no other. It clears your head and puts things in perspective. You are no longer distracted by the trials and tribulations of life because the calm of the waters helps you understand its significance.

Surfing Brings a Sense of Accomplishment

There is no doubt about the fact that it is difficult to learn surfing. You might feel overwhelmed and frustrated at times as well while taking the lessons. All of this makes surfing a humbling experience that pummels both your body and your ego in the white waters. 

You need to push past the learning curve, and your reward will be an unparalleled sense of achievement. Surfing reminds you that determination, perseverance, and hard work pays off in every stage of life. If you can conquer the mighty waves, is there anything you can’t win at?


After reading about all the fantastic benefits of surfing, you are surely convinced enough to give it a try. It’s time to start looking for an excellent surfing instructor to begin your lessons. Once you begin your lessons and start to get the hang of things, you will gradually fall in love with this adventure sport. And, as any seasoned surfer will tell you, this love stays for a lifetime.

Featured Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash