What makes an autumn wedding stand out from the crowd?

It has been a while since the spring and summer were considered the only times of year to seriously consider holding a wedding. Indeed, with the autumn being characterised by cheaper rates for hiring a wedding venue, as well as hospitable weather and a backdrop of gorgeously warm browns, reds and yellows, it isn’t merely a season to tolerate for those tying the knot; it’s a season to embrace.

Here are just some of the elements that you and your beloved can introduce to do precisely that, holding an autumn wedding that truly makes the most of this romantic and enchanting season.

A suitably autumnal wedding venue

With September and October providing so much visual intrigue for a wedding as the trees take on decidedly rustic hues, it makes sense to hold your nuptials at a venue that communicates a similar sense of warmth, as well as that is as spectacular to behold inside as it is from the outside.

Historic churches, inns, mills and earn barns may all fit the bill – but if you’re feeling especially ambitious, why not hire a French chateau?

autumnal wedding venue

Such a splendid luxury venue as Château Bouffémont, with its extravagant suites and halls incorporating refined furnishings and crystal chandeliers, complemented by grounds consisting of jaw-dropping manicured French gardens, could be the perfect site for the formalisation of your union, whatever the autumn conditions bring.

Autumn-themed decorations

The seasonal aesthetic style at your wedding can be maximised further through the decorations that you pick. It may simply be a case of introducing cosy glow lighting to the tables at the reception or sourcing appropriately rustic-looking wooden tables.

You could also go further, though, by sourcing the likes of colourful dried flowers, beautiful floral wreaths and old glass jars for your table decorations and centrepieces.

Another possibility is to fill mini pumpkins with the flowers and place them into the glass jars, in the process also creating little gifts that your guests may like to take home.

Wedding attire informed by both the head and the heart

Selecting the right wedding dress and suit for an autumn wedding can be tricky, given that you may not have much idea of how warm or cold the weather is likely to be until quite a late stage of your planning.

As advised by The Spruce, it’s therefore a good idea to make the most of the aesthetic possibilities that autumn nuptials present, while also not neglecting more practical considerations.

This could mean seeking out tasteful brown or dark grey suits for the groomsmen, for instance, or investing in a cream or off-white gown for the bride, complete with gold beading and accents. Have such additional accessories as shrugs or wraps ready, and you should be well-prepared for the more adverse conditions that autumn could realistically present on your big day.

From giving your invitations a seasonal theme with rich, earthy colours and making use of twigs and branches as interior decor, right through to holding your ceremony in the late afternoon and adding berries to the bouquet, there’s so much more that you can do to make your wedding not only autumnal in feel, but also triumphantly so.

Your wedding day is, after all, supposed to be the most special day of your life – so you need to make every aspect of your ceremony and reception feel as magical as the autumn season itself is!

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