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Tips and Tricks for DIY Wedding Photography

If you want to have some great photos for your wedding but without the added cost of hiring a professional photographer then you can do it yourself. You could get the creatives in your family to band together and photograph your wedding, hire equipment for friends and family or crowdsource your photos. Either way, we have compiled a list of tips, tricks and ideas that can help to reduce the cost of your wedding photography by doing it yourself!

Camera Options

Camera Options

It is important to ensure that you get the best camera for your wedding. This is because the quality of your camera will affect the quality of photo shots that your photography team take. The clarity of each photo is significant in ensuring that you get the perfect photos of your big day! You need to think about whether you want to hire, borrow or buy some camera equipment for your big day.

Buying a Camera

  • Be a pro: When you get the right professional camera for your wedding, you get the best look for your photographs. When you want to take photos like a pro, you need to ensure that you get a camera that will have extra features and added quality. The pixels are the main issue since you get to determine the zoom power and the right angle to take the photo from. With a powerful camera, you can take a photograph from afar, take the surroundings in and getting a clear photograph.

  • Brand: When you are shopping for the right camera for your wedding it is important to get the camera from a reputable brand. This is because the various brands will have various factors and features that are distinctive for their type of photography. You can have a search online of the features that you need, and then get the brand that gives you this kind of camera. You can get multiple brands of cameras using Currys voucher codes. Online discount codes are a great way to help you save on your DIY wedding photography!

Hiring Your Equipment

  • Another great way that you can save money is by hiring the equipment that your stand in photographers will need. Plenty of companies offer camera equipment to hire either for the day or overnight. This is a great way of ensuring that your DIY photographers have the right equipment without having to pay loads of money!

Borrowing Your Equipment

  • A great way to save money on your wedding photography is by borrowing the camera equipment that you want to use. There is sure to be a family or friend that you know that can lend you some of their camera equipment. Most people will happily lend you the equipment that you need. So give your family members a call today and ask to borrow their camera equipment for your DIY photography adventure!

Finding the Right People to Help

help from other people

Choose the perfect photography person in your family! We all have those creative types in our family, and more often than not they are up for a good old creative challenge. So go ahead and contact a few of those creatives. Ask if they would be interested in taking the lead on your DIY wedding photography endeavour. See what ideas they have or who else they can think of that could help! You’d be surprised at how many good ideas those creatives have! A great idea is to arm a few of your most creative family members and friends with some cameras and let them take the lead. Not only will this save you money but you will also end up having a lovely mix of photographs that reflect each person’s style. This bespoke and family orientated photography hack really can make for a more diverse mix of wedding photography.

Crowdsource Your Photos

A great way to get plenty of photos without spending a lot of money is by crowdsourcing your photographs. You can either give out cameras during your wedding or ask the guests to take photos with their own personal cameras. These photos should then all be uploaded in one place post wedding (or you can collect the cameras at the end) so that you can sort through them. You can use online discount codes to find disposable or otherwise cameras online. Check out some techy retailers on My Favourite Voucher Codes to get your photos for less! You would be amazed at the amazing shots that some of your guests can attain. Sometimes their positioning, angle and light are completely different and more personal than that of a professional photographer.

There are plenty of ways that you can go DIY on your wedding photography, and they really don’t have to cost a lot of money! There is a lot of debate around whether or not this kind of budget photography will get you better photos than professionals, but you can surely get great images to last you a lifetime either way. Whether you want to buy a camera and hire a family member for fee, hire some equipment, or crowdsource your photos, you are sure to get some great photos on your DIY wedding photography endeavour.

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