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Unique bridal registry ideas that anybody can enjoy

For newlyweds looking for lavish gifts that will WOW, this list of bridal registry ideas is not for you. You’re starting your new life together and you need to be well equipped for a proper adult lifestyle. You’ll be spending a significant amount of time indoors preparing meals, entertaining guests, and there may even be kids on the way. You need a well-stocked home with the items you’ll use on a day-to-day basis. Once you have them you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Keep these items off your list and we promise you’ll find yourself regretting it!

The first step is to choose a well-balanced store for your wedding registry. Great places like Willams Sonoma or Bed Bath and Beyond offers a great quality on items that you’ll use on a daily basis. Regardless of which store you register with, always make sure that it has manageable price points that all your guests can afford but still delivers what you want and need.

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The next step is to break your wedding registry items into categories so that you don’t wind up with 90 bath towels and no pots and pans. Today’s technology makes this really easy. Sharing your with registry with your guests is real-time so when a purchase is made everyone else sees that it’s no longer available and they can move on to the next best option.

The third step is to choose your items. Before we jump into our suggestions, a pro tip is to include a gift card as an option. Some of your guests will really appreciate this if they’re pressed for time or can’t quite find specific wedding gifts on your list. The other pro tip is to make sure that everything you select is dishwasher safe. There’s nothing worse than hustling over a meal all day and then having to scrub everything by hand.

As mentioned above, make sure to include something for each room in your home. Living rooms are easy enough with storage solutions or a nice statement piece being the only things you’d really have to put on your wishlist. The bathroom is next in line when it comes to simplicity. Make sure to check off a few bath towels and a luxury shower head.

The kitchen is where things get complicated. There are plenty of home cooked meals in your future, and there’s more than one kitchen tool you can’t live without. Start with the basics like a cookware set and stainless steel set of high-quality knives – with a stylish cutter board of course. Add in a slow cooker and le Creuset, and top it off with smaller kitchen appliances like a toaster oven, blender, and food processor. There are smaller items you’ll find yourself needing like fruit and veggie peelers, dinnerware, and silverware. But this is all things you can purchase with your gift card.

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You’ll discover fairly quickly how much easier and more enjoyable cooking can be when you have all the right tools for the job. You’ll probably even look forward to it to the point where you’ll become famous for your dinner parties! Oh, which reminds us. Don’t forget to add that bar cart and long stem wine glasses for entertaining your dinner guests.

Congratulations on your engagement! Make sure to check out our other helpful guides and tutorials to help you along to the big day.

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