Turn this Rakhi into a memorable day for your brother

Turn this Rakhi into a Memorable Day for your Brother

Rakshya Bandhan of Rakhi is just around the corner, and girls are already busy preparing for the occasion. This festival is centuries old, and people celebrate it across India with great enthusiasm. You will find hundreds of shops decked with colorful rakhis all-around your locality. A Rakhi is a symbol of pure love between siblings. Earlier, only girls used to tie rakhis on the hands of their brothers to mark their love for them. When someone received a Rakhi, it was a responsibility to protect their sisters from all harm. There are many regions where Rakhi is tied in the hands of girls too. It celebrates the idea of universal love for each other. Some people also tie rakhis on trees to promise that they will protect them from being cut off. It is a touching move towards making efforts to save the environment. Turn this Rakhi into a memorable day for your brother.

Nature plays an essential role in all festivals and celebrations. Earlier, people turned to life whenever they had to celebrate a big event. Rakhi is not far behind when it comes to celebrating it in an eco-friendly way. Traditional rakhis are made from threads having a fancy decoration on top. Some rakhis can cost a fortune if made from expensive materials like gold or silver.

One of the trending rakhi gifts these days is sending flowers. The fresh flowers can instantly make anyone happy by adding a touch of beauty and elegance. A flower is a symbol of purity and love. It can be used for a great variety of gifting ideas. You might not have realized the importance of flowers during Rakhi, but they have gained popularity across India and abroad. 

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Why should you send flowers on Rakhi?

We have seen that flowers can foster strong emotional ties between people by making them care genuinely. When you send flowers to someone, it has a positive impact on them and makes them stress-free and happy. On festivals like Rakhi, a flower bouquet or basket can make the significant impact required to celebrate the festival pleasantly. You have so many options to choose from when it comes to flowers. From roses to lilies, the list is endless. 

Moreover, flowers are eco friendly and can boost your mood by their freshness and beauty. Whenever someone feels unhappy, they can feel joyous again if connected to nature. Festivals are the occasions when you should be happy and elated. Your brothers deserve the best, and flowers are an ideal way to do that. If you’re away from your brother and want to surprise him, you can use an online flower delivery service to send flowers. The best thing about online flower deliveries is that they can be used to deliver flowers, even if your brothers stay far away from you. There are plenty of trans-geographical flower delivery services that operate from various locations. All you need to do is select the best flowers for your brother and send it to him at his address. The surprise that he will get will be your best rakhi gift ever.

Often, people send rakhis by post to their brothers who live far away. Instead of doing that this year, you can opt for a flower delivery service that will help you deliver fresh blooms to your brother even if he is not with you for the festival. There are plenty of options for you to choose from if you want to use flowers for Rakhi this year.  You can make this Rakhi a memorable day for your brother.

Use flowers to make Rakhi memorable for your brother 

Many Flowers Online Delivery services are becoming creative and coming up with innovative ideas that you can use to surprise your brother and make him feel good. There are thousands of ways to incorporate the goodness of flowers into the festival and make it extra special. Floral rakhis or rakhis made out of flowers are becoming popular as they look beautiful and are right on the budget. A floral rakhi is all you need this year to make an eco-friendly change and make your brother feel extra special. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh floral rakhi. Fresh flower rakhis were initially used by people over thousands of years ago when the love and purity of relationships mattered over anything else. You can use this year’s Rakhi as an opportunity to make your brother feel loved. A flower rakhi combines the goodness of flowers with the unbreakable bond between siblings, and the result you get is a harmony of pure joy and love. If you want to send a flower rakhi to your brother, here are some excellent ideas that you can check out.

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Fresh flowers rakhi

A beautiful fresh flower rakhi will enhance the charm of your celebrations and allow you to turn the occasion into something more memorable. Here are some of the flower rakhi options that you can go for.

1. Fresh lilies rakhi

White lilies are beautiful, fragrant, and can bring a smile on your brothers’ faces. Incorporating lilies into rakhis is easy and doesn’t take much effort. When you order floral Rakhi online, you can even customize it to add a pop of color in the form of a rose at the center to make it look beautiful and alluring.  

2. Rose and orchid Rakhi

Roses and orchids are the symbols of unadulterated and unconditional love between a brother and sister. They are colorful and will cheer your brother up to make his Rakhi memorable. 

3. Red and pink carnations rakhi

If you want a vibrant rakhi that will express your love for your brother, a carnation rakhi will be perfect for you. The carnation’s fresh and delicate petals will adorn the wrist of your brother and make him remember you on Rakhi.  It will be a memorable day for your brother.  

Carnations rakhi
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4. Violets and blues.

Flowers like begonia and violets can also be used for Rakhi. These flowers are bunched together in a beautiful arrangement and make up beautiful rakhis that you can send to your brother.  

5. Dahlia 

Dahlia has the perfect structure to be used as a rakhi. It is available in plenty of colors, and you can send it to make your brother happy.

Apart from flower rakhis, a traditional bouquet can also increase the charm of your celebrations. A flower bouquet with a box of chocolates is the simplest and the best rakhi gift for your brother. From exquisite roses to fresh lilies, you can choose any bouquet of your choice to send a sweet surprise for your brother. 

Rakhi is the celebration of pure love and affection. Turn this Rakhi into a memorable day for your brother. Use this Rakhi to make your brothers feel loved and cared for by giving them a unique bouquet or a flower rakhi. It will make their day memorable. 

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