How to use WPML on ColorLabs Themes

A multilingual website is a website that offers content in more than one language. Examples of multilingual websites might include a Canadian business with an English and a French version of its site, or a blog on Latin American soccer available in both Spanish and Portuguese.

A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries. Some sites are both multi-regional and multilingual (for example, a site might have different versions for the USA and for Canada, and both French and English versions of the Canadian content).

This time, we will only cover the explanation on how to use a plugin called Multilingual Language “WPML”. WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them.

It is powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. You can check the description of WPML here. Here we will try to explain on how to use WPML on one of our theme “Reportage”.

First, you have to install the WPML plugin, go to your dashboard and choose Plugins > Add New, then choose the WPML plugin zip file.

Once the WPML plugin is installed you will get a message like this (you only get this notification on first install):

Select yes if you want to see a quick overview of WPML, if not lets continue to configure the WPML plugin.

Please click WPML menu on the left side menu, then we will configure the language to be used.

First step, select the main language for your website:

Step two, please select several languages ​​that you want to use on your website. For example we choose English and Indonesian.

Step three, here you can configure the placement of the language switcher, whether you want to place it in the sidebar or any places. When you finished click the finish button.

Then go to the widgets menu, and you will find a widget named “Language Selector”, this widget will be automatically activated.

Then on the front page of the website, you will find a list of active languages ​​in the sidebar of your site, this list appears depends on the language settings you have chosen earlier. But you can also add or subtract a language that can be used in your website.

Ty to switch the language into Indonesian, and the result will be like this:

Looks blank, this is because we have not translate each of the existing post on our website into Indonesian.

Then, we have to translate each post into the desired language. Go to the dashboard and you will see the WordPress bar with language switcher.

Select the language you want to edit (here we choose Indonesian.) After changing the language you want to edit, click the icon “+” on every post you want to edit.

Then you may edit this post content into the appropriate language (in this example, it is indonesian).

If you’ve modify all of the posts, go back to the front page and then click the language switcher to Indonesia and the site will look like this:

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  • Mackendy Jeudy

    do you think that the have a way to make a A multi-regional website with wpml ? if not do you know a way?

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