Tying the Knot with Your Bridesmaids With Forever Gifts

When you get married, you are choosing a mate for life but along with that mate comes your bridal party. The members you choose to bear witness to you claiming your undying love for your soulmate are also the same girls you are married to for life. These are the chosen ones who will appear in a great majority of your wedding photos, they are the girls with whom you entrust your bachelorette party and they are the girls who will make sure you look your best on the big day. So you need to make sure you show them your appreciation for not only doing all of this and more but also for dealing with frazzled nerves and on occasion, dealing with a bridezilla.  What special gift can you give your special friends that they will cherish forever as a memento of your wedding?

A Vegas Getaway

Las Vegas
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If your budget can afford it, the best place to take your squad for a weekend away in Vegas. You can have a go at the casino or you can lounge about by the pool. Either way, the downtime will serve you and your girls well and create some of the best memories they will most likely forever treasure.

Personalized Memorabilia

You can choose to have a mug or perhaps a gown printed with each of your bridesmaid’s names or you could choose to have your bride tribe personalized on a number of articles which they will forever treasure. If Vegas is too fancy or too much, these smaller trinkets will be cherished and are more affordable

Delicate Jewelry

Perhaps something that can be worn on the wedding day. Infinity bracelets or charms symbolize a future that will last forever and a day, there is no end to the bond shared with her bridesmaids. Jewelry is timeless and will mark a memory of your day.

Bridesmaids Box

This is a popular and traditional gift to give to your girls. You can fill it with wine, champagne, bath delicacies and the like. Although this may not last forever, your girls are bound to find need of such spoils after or just before your big day. If you feel it’s not personal enough, brides have been known to label the wines by ordering bridal wine stickers.

Weekend Tote

If you know your girls have planned a weekend or you are planning a get-together, the weekend tote bag is a brilliant idea. Load a few bags with weekend essentials

Spa Treatment

Nothing beats a day at the spa and while you are taking your bridal party out for a little R and R, you too are benefiting from your generosity. Book a day at the spa for breakfast, champers, and facials and watch your ladies light up and relax.

Ring Dish

It’s a fitting gift as you are about to receive your own ring and this gift symbolizes that. There are monogram ring dishes up for sale and you could get your bridesmaids these affordable and classy gifts as a thank you.

Show your appreciation and make your memorable day as memorable for those you love.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Kayla Renee from Pexels

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