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It’s important to look your best on your wedding day. This means that you need to make sure that your hair color complements your eyes and skin tone. Many brides get their hair dyed around a week prior to their big day, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for color corrections should something go wrong. Thankfully, any untoward hair color situations can be prevented with a little knowledge. Before you head out to the salon, check out our guide to choosing a flattering hair color.

Figure Out Your Skin Tone

There are three different categories that you can fit into here – your skin can be either cool, warm, or neutral. How can figure out which one you are? Well, it all starts by looking at your eyes. Do you have yellow flecks in them or green ones? If the answer is yellow, then you have warm-toned skin. Green is the opposite – cool toned skin. However, your eyes may have a mix of both, or might not be leaning one way or another. This means that you have neutral skin.

Other ways to reach this conclusion include looking at the blood vessels on the inside of your wrist. If they’re blue, then you have cool tones, while green means they’re warm. We understand that this is the opposite of the flecks in your eyes, so it can be a bit confusing. Also, hold a piece of blue or orange fabric up to your face. You have cool-toned skin if the blue makes your skin look bright and even. If the orange does the same thing, then your skin tone is warm. People who have neutral coloring may look good in both. Finally, take a good look at the undyed roots of your hair in the direct sunlight. A warm gold glint or hints of red in your hair means that you have warm toned skin, while cool gray and ash colors will appear on those with cool toned skin.

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Determine Your Hair Color

Tally up the answers that you received while trying to determine your skin tone. They’ll help you figure out exactly which hair colors will look best. If you received mostly cool answers to those questions, then pick hair dye shades that are in the chocolate, champagne, beige, and wheat side of the spectrum. If your answers were mostly warm, then you need hair that has hints of chestnut, honey, auburn, or other sunny shades. Of course, if your skin tone is neutral, then you have your choice of both types of color.

Make Your Appointment

Now that you know which hair color shades will look best on you, it’s time to make that appointment. Once you’re there, you and your stylist can go over your options. If you need to take the salon’s color book and go outside (into the sunlight) to see which colors look best outdoors, then do so. Your stylist will understand everything that’s involved in making your hair look perfect on your big day.

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