Vaping at Weddings: Faux-Pas or Trendy?

Vaping at Weddings: Faux-Pas or Trendy?

These days, countless people have already made the switch from cigarettes to vaping. If you’re one of the people who has tried out vape starter kits instead of smoking cigarettes, you probably already know that this is a much healthier alternative. Because there’s no combustion when you vape, you don’t consume any ash or tar. This means that compared to cigarette smokers, vapers have better oral hygiene, clearer skin, and healthier lungs and blood circulation. What about vaping at weddings?

By now, you’ve probably seen vaping everywhere: on the street, outside of a coffee shop, and of course, inside vape shops. It seems as though everywhere people gather in large numbers, there are at least a few people vaping. In terms of gatherings, weddings are among the most common. So is vaping acceptable at these events? Should you allow vaping at your wedding? If you’re invited to a wedding, is it okay to bring your vape along? Let’s explore whether or not vaping at weddings is respectable in the modern era.

Is Vaping at Weddings the Same as Smoking at Weddings?

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Generally speaking, smoking is frowned upon at large gatherings such as weddings. Does vaping carry with it the same general stigma? The truth is that vaping is nowhere near as much of a taboo as smoking, especially when you’re around non-smokers. We’ve already gone over some of the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking, and this means that people will generally be less concerned about things like second-hand smoke. 

Because there is no combustion when vaping, the exhaled “smoke” is not smoke at all. When you see people breathing out clouds of smoke when vaping, what they’re exhaling is vapor. This aerosol is different compared to smoke from a cigarette, and it doesn’t have the same smell or health risks. That being said, the second-hand vape is not “harmless.” On the other hand, people are generally less concerned about second-hand vape than second-hand smoke, so the general stigma is not the same. 

Vaping at a wedding is not the same as smoking at a wedding, but some of the same general concerns exist. What are some wedding etiquette concerns for vaping at weddings?

Should You Allow Vaping at Your Wedding?

If you’re not a vaper, you might wonder whether or not to allow vaping at your wedding. This is an interesting conundrum, and in the end, it comes down to your personal preference. If you’re inviting a large group of people to your wedding, then you probably know at least one person who vapes. You might want to think about your other guests first and foremost. Are there certain guests who disapprove of vaping?

On the other hand, this is your wedding. You make the rules – so if you’re okay with people vaping, then why not allow it? Whatever you choose to do, make it clear to everyone attending what the rules are. If you leave it open to chance, people will just do whatever they feel like doing. A quick rundown of the rules in the wedding invitation or in an email can solve this issue.

Where Should You Vape at a Wedding?

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If you have been given permission to vape at a wedding, the next thing you need to think about is where you’re going to vape. Sometimes this comes down to personal choice, and sometimes this is dictated by specific rules. For example, vaping is banned indoors in many countries. This means that you probably won’t be able to vape inside of a church or conference hall where the party might take place. 

The most logical place to vape is probably outside. This is an obvious choice if the wedding party occurs at an outdoor venue, such as a large field, garden, or park. When you vape outdoors, you can be mindful of everyone else’s concerns, as it gives you a chance to stand apart from the crowd and enjoy your e-cigarette. 

With all that said, it’s always a good idea to ask permission from the bride and groom whenever you feel like activating your e-cigarette. Even if you’re relatively sure the couple is okay with it, you should check with them first. After all, it’s their big day, and you don’t want to spoil it by doing something they’re not comfortable with. 

Wedding Photos and Vaping

Even though vape aerosol isn’t the same as smoke, it can still come out in vast plumes that create giant clouds. This could be a concern because these clouds can interfere with wedding photography. As a wedding couple, the last thing you want is for your wedding photos to turn out all cloudy and unfocused because there was a faint presence of vape aerosol in the air.

Because of this, it might be a good idea to put the vape away when you see a photographer snapping pictures nearby. In addition, you should also be mindful of where you’re exhaling your vape. Ideally, you should exhale in a way that allows the wind to take clouds of vape away from crowds of people. 

Final Thoughts

Vaping at weddings could be the perfect alternative to smoking. Generally speaking, vaping is seen as a cleaner, more respectful way of smoking than a cigarette. Because of this, you can confidently attend a wedding with an e-cigarette tucked in your pocket as long as the bride and groom have given you permission to vape at their wedding. If you’re planning the wedding yourself, you might want to consider the prospect of guests vaping at your party. After all, vaping is more common than ever before, so there are probably a few guests who will want to vape if given the opportunity. 

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