Wedding Exits
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If you ever asked yourself what you should do for your wedding exit? You’re not alone. Before the wedding, couples would use traditional items for their wedding exits like rice and flower petals. Today weddings opt for a more modern approach with wedding sparklers, glow sticks, and sky lanterns. 

Wedding send-offs

Surprisingly the newest trending wedding send-offs actually come from old traditions. Since a send-off happens immediately following the ceremony, it is typically taking place during the day. A tradition is a form of congratulating the bride and groom, but also wishing them good luck on their new journey! Wedding send-offs and formal exits are a bit different and would vary depending on where your wedding is taking place. If it’s done at night, it usually means newlyweds would actually be leaving the venue, which makes more of a true wedding exit.

Wedding exits

Not many couples are performing post ceremonial traditional send-offs anymore. Wedding exits are becoming more extravagant as we come into more modern times. Soon to be married, couples have started using more grand exits and photo genetics ways to do their wedding exits. Some of these grand wedding exits include confetti poppers and wedding sparklers. Both have gained tremendous popularity thanks to how affordable they have become and how amazing these pictures turn out. Social media platforms have truly helped in the exposure of such traditions now.  

Check out our guide to using wedding exits on your wedding night. Hopefully, it will eliminate any mysticism or confusion and help you get back to planning the rest of your wedding.

Throw out the rice

Everybody remembers rice tossing while newlyweds exit the wedding ceremony and have always been a well-respected tradition. Nowadays, many couples instead chose to use confetti for their wedding exit for a fun spin. Unfortunately, the option of throwing rice at couples is not very environmentally friendly with new data. But you don’t have to sacrifice those beautiful wedding exit photos any longer thanks to the creative innovation of new traditions being used. Improvements to the confetti cannons now make them biodegradable, so you no longer need to worry about the environment and the safety of the small creatures around you.

Flower petals

Flower Petals
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With people believing the rice-toss could be harmful to surrounding wildlife. Couples have moved on to throwing flower petals instead. Rose petals are a classic choice! Although roses are an amazing idea to throw out for the couple. Other couples have actually used the favorite flower of the bride instead of a more personal touch. Some couples will use dried flowers to throw at weddings as well. If you really love the look of confetti, rest assured that tossing confetti comes in a slew of available colors.


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Let’s assume you’ve decided to have a grand exit at your wedding and that you’re going to use the latest trending idea of sparklers. You would need to choose the right wedding sparklers for your needs. There are a few different sizes being offered by various companies. Some couples prefer to have smaller and more personal weddings. Therefore they don’t need such large sparklers for their wedding, and the 20 inch is perfect for the occasion. If you’re only planning to invite 100 wedding guests or less to your big day, 20-inch sparklers are an ideal choice while still offering an impressive 2 minute burn time. We don’t recommend choosing anything smaller than 20-inch sparklers regardless of how many guests will be attending your wedding as shorter sparklers will usually burn up too quickly to perform a sparkler exit.

However, the most popular sparklers happen to be 36-inch sparklers. As these longer sparklers help create sparkler archway to capture the best wedding sparkler pictures! On top of that, you have an extended burn time to ensure all of your wedding guests have time to light up their sparklers and send the newlyweds off in style!


No matter what wedding exit you decide on, it doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the amazing moments that will take place during the entire day. Being a small, close-knit family gathering or an all-out celebration, these wedding ideas offered in this post are some of the most popular options for weddings in 2020.

Featured Image by jdwoolington from Pixabay