While growing up we have heard a lot of fairytales, all of which included princesses wearing beautiful evening gowns and making everyone turn their heads when they enter the ball wearing them. These small memories stay with us forever. For a celebrity or a member of the high society, red carpet events or black tie events occur almost every day and a particular part of the wardrobe is obviously going to be dedicated only for evening gowns. But for others there are very few occasions in which it would be appropriate to wear an evening gown.

We don’t live in the 18th century anymore where women used to wear gowns for every occasion. Moreover we also tend to choose comfort over glamour, so gowns seem inappropriate for every occasion. But once in a while we feel like basking in the glory of a wonderful evening gown. As plus size evening gowns are also available nowadays, there is something for everyone. Evening gowns are found to be too pricey, but there are many inexpensive options available in online store such as JJ’s House. You can also rent evening gowns at very low costs.

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You can’t wear an evening gown everywhere. There are certain occasions where it is appropriate to wear them. Here is a list of some of those events:

  1. Theatre­­ – Don’t confuse this with movie theatres. Wearing a gown to watch a movie might be a bit ridiculous. Evening gowns are perfect for any kind of musical theatre, opera or some kind of theatrical performance. Most of these events are organized in the evening, so the atmosphere around you is going to help you be your festive best. The ambience is perfect for the gown and will definitely add to your glamour quotient.
  2. Photo shoot – With smart phones coming with great quality cameras nowadays, people rarely have an actual photo shoot. They seem to be happy with their selfies. But you can go for an actual shoot to stand out from the crowd and have wonderful pictures taken by a professional. For this, what would be better than a beautiful gown to make you look your best I the pictures! If you don’t have an evening gown then you can just rent it for the shoot. Hiring a photographer might not be as expensive as you think, but you will end up will wonderful pictures.
  3. Birthday – You birthday is the only event that is solely meant to celebrate you and a gorgeous gown will surely make you feel extra special on the day. You deserve to look your best on your birthday. No matter what plans you have, it is your day and you are allowed to feel and look wonderful in a beautiful gown.
  4. Masked ball or costume party – These events are perfect for an evening gown. According to the theme of the party you can choose a gown that suits the best. You can even choose to improvise and make the outfit more fun.

Unfortunately, there are only a few occasions where it is appropriate to wear a gown. Luckily with modern fashion, the styles and glamour are being implemented in everyday clothing too.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Jennifer Murray from Pexels

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