Where to Plan Your Honeymoon in Spring?
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Bonjour! Just as luxurious and bodacious as this word sounds to you, the place it belongs to is beautiful beyond your imagination. Whenever it comes to planning a good vacation, one of the places that pop out of our bucket list is definitely Southern France. Provence and the area that touches the boundaries from Italian to Spanish borders, including the French Mediterranean coastline. This place is full of lavender fields, villages, the French Riviera, mountains of Provence, Saint Tropez, and of course the glamorous Cannes and so much more. A perfect place for a spring honeymoon.

So we might need to get our laces all tied up with tickets booked for this adventurous trip with experience diversified. The places with blooming fields of beautiful flowers in spring and a range of mountains, perfect beaches, Parties, and history. So why not plan out our trip to explore some of these outstanding places in the South of France. Now the question is this, are you dreaming of such a romantic and fresh honeymoon in the spring when you love that person so much? And you need to get yourself some important stuff that you might need in your backpack to travel the new beginnings of your life. A trip cannot be completed without this stuff in your travel bag. 

Being the only considerate person and you love to take care of people, you need to get stuff that can help your partner too so that you guys can enjoy your vacations there. Either it is the travel pillow or earplugs to that collection or your latest purchase of Jackets for SpringYou can enjoy your heart out at these places while traveling to the South of France.


Provence is a place filled with blissful vineyards, aesthetic beaches, and rich history attached to it, making this the perfect place for hopeless romantics. A perfect place for a spring honeymoon. However, Provence also offers Mediterranean swimming through crystal blue lakes and a wide range of mountains for hiking if you are looking for some adventure. This place is a great combination of romance and adventures kneaded altogether.


A history of the medieval era heaping into its walls and architecture might also be a lovely place for a stroll. Languedoc is known for its beaches and the ingeniously carved designs on these old buildings that behold the folded pages of centuries in it. This place is the true representation of the culture, politics, and architecture of that era. Languedoc is a great place to visit if you want to explore pockets of new explorations into history and a good tan at beaches.

Côte D’azur

All gloomy people have their fav one! If all you want is to enjoy life to the fullest and have loads of fun, you won’t give Cote D’azur a second thought. The beautiful coastline, the hilltops with all the greenery, beautiful villages that are covered with mountains. This place is one of the expensive tourist sites in France, and you won’t miss the chance to spend some bucks on this much-needed vacation after COVID 19.

Saint- Tropez

A fishing village attracts tons of tourists along with the celebrities of Hollywood. This is a place of lavish beach clubs with posh parties and perfect breakfasts. There is no better choice than Saint Topez when it comes to getting a chance to live like a real wanderer who wants to explore fun and happiness from the splash of wine to hang ten on beaches with a spring honeymoon. Because who doesn’t want to enjoy beaches with the spring mornings, and you will be flattered by the way you can be fully happy and enjoy it with your partner.  


Image by MonacoCannes from Pixabay

For how many times you were awestruck by the Cannes film festival live footage, and you have been longing for this moment for quite some time. Your eyes would be sparkling, and you will be living your dream in reality because you will be actually standing there and experiencing its Cinematic vibes. The perfect synchronization of the old city and the tour through the ferry is worth visiting. The luxurious package also includes the big dine-in villas that serve the staple royal french dishes representing the culture and complement the city’s perfect look and feel. 

The romance actually begins here since you have so much to do. You can experiment with your looks, and you both can decide celeb themes to follow since you have come this far just to have fun with that one person. You can also try putting on a Leather Jacket that will work well with anything because apparently, this jacket will make you look like you belong here more.

While you are exploring these places, don’t forget to explore the actual spark of your relationship. This might sound obsolete, but it is important to have a healthy relationship and make memories that are best of all. You can have the best time of your life with the person you have chosen to spend your life with. When you’re enjoying the trip to France, don’t forget to try the most amazing food that they serve with the best vine. This will give you the best experience and memory you were craving for. 

To the new beginnings of your life, you can think of things that you can do together. And plan to make your spring honeymoon trip more interesting. Your endless love will make things more beautiful for your partner. Not only seeing mountains, greenery, and some fine vineyards would cheer your mood up, but also a yacht and the glamorous Cannes would do the same. You just need to believe in this trip and explore the side of the world you haven’t, but well-planned research would be appreciated enough. 

Featured Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels