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Why Marble Jewelry is Perfect for Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look breathtaking and showstopping on her wedding day. There are a number of ways she might make this happen. She might find the perfect, gorgeous gown for her walk down the aisle. She might steal the show with an intricate and mesmerizing up-do. She may even surprise her guests with a brightly-colored pump paired with that iconic white gown. Whatever it is, there’s always at least one element to a bride’s look that tends to win the day. Today, a lot of women are choosing to make their statement with their wedding jewelry. They are finding that by expanding beyond the traditional bounds of diamond, gold, or pearl jewelry, there are a lot of opportunities to stand apart from the crowd and have some fun. Marble wedding jewelry has emerged onto the scene as one such option: it’s breathtaking, unique, and absolutely statement-making. Here are a few key reasons why marble jewelry is perfect for your wedding day.

Marble jewelry will complement every dress hue

Marble is a highly versatile stone, and you can find types, in varying shades of white, cream, grey, or black, with complimentary veins. So no matter the color of your particular dress, there’s a marble stone piece to match. A bright white dress is complimented beautifully by classic white marble with grey veining set in gold. Champagne, blush, or off-white dresses pair beautifully with off-white marble stone veined with deeper tans or greys. But you can also go bold and let the color of your jewelry really wow, with a white dress paired with black marble set in silver. The pop of black in your necklace, earrings, or ring will create serious interest and be utterly unforgettable.

Matchy-matchy is out, and marble will pair with your other jewelry easily

The trend of choosing wedding jewelry that comes in a matching set has come and gone: today, brides are electing to mix and match pieces. To that end, choosing one or two marble pieces to pair with other items is a stellar choice. Because marble comes in such a wide variety of colors and shades, it can work nicely with a lot of fun things. Consider pairing a subtle gold necklace with larger, statement-making marble earrings of white and black veining (set in gold, of course). Or choose a dark grey and black-veined statement necklace to pair with subdued pearl earrings. There’s a lot of fun to be had in mixing marble jewelry with other unique items, and doing so will help you avoid that “matchy-matchy” look.

No maintenance required

For many, wedding jewelry is something that you want to last a lifetime. But gold has to be cared for; diamonds have to be shined, and certain metals can tarnish over time. These pieces require care and maintenance to retain their original luster decades down the line. That’s not the case with marble: the radiance of white marble jewelry or the boldness of that crisp black marble will remain for generations, no maintenance required. You don’t even have to keep your jewelry in a special bag, box, or tucked away out of the light (although you probably should because, hey: it’s your wedding jewelry – it’s special!).

And just from a practical standpoint, marble jewelry is an incredibly hardy option. You’ll never have to worry about scratching it, breaking it, denting it unless you come at your pendant necklace with a bulldozer, the jewelry will be just fine. So if you’re not the best at preserving and protecting precious metals, pearls, or gems, marble jewelry may be another great option for you.

Marble is luxury (that doesn’t hurt your wallet)

For decades, marble anything has screamed “luxury.” But marble stone isn’t just for the kitchen countertop or bath anymore. Marble pendant necklaces, dangling earrings, and even rings are a way to make an incredible and elegant statement at your wedding that’s truly unique. The best part, though? These pieces won’t break the bank. That’s surprising: after all, when you’re talking marble bathtubs, marble floor tiles, and almost anything else in marble, the price point tends to be much higher than alternative materials. But marble jewelry just isn’t that way: relative to gold or most semi-precious stones, marble jewelry tends to come at a much lower price point. If you want a statement-making pendant necklace for your wedding day, choosing a diamond can set you back thousands. The same-sized, gorgeous marble pendant can be found for only a few hundred dollars, but it’ll make the same dramatic impact – and will last much longer without requiring any maintenance at all. So while there isn’t anything less luxurious about choosing marble for your wedding jewelry, it’s not a budget-busting option: if anything, it’s budget-friendly.

Your wedding is truly your special day, so the jewelry you choose should make you feel like a queen. That’s why marble is perfect: it’s unique and utterly breathtaking, pairs well with just about everything, and won’t hurt your wallet. You can buy that gorgeous statement necklace without having blown your wedding budget on one piece – and it’ll last you a lifetime.

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