As it turns out, celebrities are just like us. Even some of the richest, most celebrated people in the world turn to CBD to experience natural, gentle relief. You may be surprised to discover just how many of our favorite celebs enjoy this plant-based aid on a regular basis.

However, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that our idols enjoy CBD just as much as we do. After all, this incredible product has been found to help with everything from sleepmood disorders to arthritis pain.

The list that we’ve come up with of famous CBD users barely scratches the surface. However, you’ll undoubtedly find out that at least a couple of your favorite celebrities are huge supporters of hemp.

Cynthia Nixon

Between her role on one of television’s greatest shows and her unstoppable political activism, there are many reasons to be in love with Cynthia Nixon. Her politics are known for being very liberal. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Cynthia endorses CBD use and advocates for the legalization of cannabis use.

During Cynthia’s political campaign just a few months ago, she made her stance on cannabis perfectly clear. In addition to her desire to see it completely legalized in the state of New York, she stressed the importance of releasing those who have been incarcerated for cannabis over the years.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, like Cynthia Nixon, wishes to see cannabis completely legalized during his lifetime. According to Nicholson, the prescription narcotics industry in this country is much more harmful to public health than cannabis use. He also wishes to see those incarcerated for cannabis possession released.

Unsurprisingly, Nicholson himself is a fan of cannabis. For decades, he’s been using it as a natural relief aid.

Snoop Dogg

Honestly, is anyone surprised to see Snoop Dogg on this list? No one can question Snoop’s attitudes on cannabis use. For decades, he’s proudly expressed his love for the plant in song lyrics and on social media.

Like many of us, Snoop wishes to see the CBD industry soar as changing attitudes regarding cannabis continue to make hemp more easily available. And, like many other celebrities, Snoop hopes that those who have gone to prison for cannabis use will one day be released.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is proud to discuss her love for CBD. The actress has been quite vocal about her anxiety disorder in the past. Prone to panic attacks, Dakota finds that CBD quiets her mind and relaxes her nervous system, making it much easier to get through her day.

Dakota has found that only CBD is capable of helping her sleep during long flights. It’s oddly refreshing to hear that celebrities, like us, find it difficult to pass out on a noisy, crowded plane.

Susan Sarandon

Both beloved for her work as an actress and her role as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Susan Sarandon is refreshingly vocal about her political and social stances. This actress has discussed her marijuana use many times throughout her career.

Unsurprisingly, Sarandon feels that CBD is an incredible natural product that goes hand in hand with wellness practices like yoga and meditation. Susan truly believes that CBD can help people find relief without exposing them to the risks associated with popular drugs that are prescribed for pain and anxiety.

Jennifer Aniston

As America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston won over our hearts when she opened up about her love of hemp. This down-to-earth celebrity has been refreshingly vocal about her struggles with pain, anxiety and stress. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she turns to CBD for relief.

Aniston uses CBD oil regularly in order to keep herself feeling good on a daily basis. Plus, no one can deny that she looks refreshed and youthful whenever we see her in public. One has to wonder if CBD is the secret to her natural glow.


Rihanna is another celebrity who has been pretty outspoken about her support of cannabis legalization across the country. The stunning singer has been famously photographed smoking cannabis while on vacation over the years. Considering her liberal views on cannabis, it’s only natural that she fully supports the use of CBD oil for relief. You can stand under her umbrella.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has taken her love of CBD to the next level by starting a company that specializes in cannabis products for women. A glaucoma sufferer, Whoopi relies on CBD for relief on a daily basis. She also uses it for menstrual cramps.

Whoopi is anything but ashamed when it comes to her support of CBD. The actress has been incredibly outspoken about its benefits throughout her career.

Seth Rogen

Sharp-minded Seth Rogen fully supports CBD use in every way. Not too long ago, Seth spoke in congress about research regarding CBD’s positive effects on Alzheimer’s. Seth is passionate about finding a cure for this horrible ailment, believing that CBD might just be the next big thing.

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone is a CBD advocate thanks to years of successfully using it to deal with PTSD. After fighting in Vietnam, Stone came back with crippling anxiety that haunted him for years. He was able to successfully manage his PTSD once he discovered cannabis. Therefore, Stone believes that CBD should be easily available to people across the country.

San Simon

Before he died a couple of years ago, San Simon found that CBD dramatically helped him manage his cancer symptoms. He famously used CBD edibles to deal with the pain and anxiety associated with cancer. While he is no longer with us, CBD advocates are grateful for his outspokenness on the subject.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Ten years ago, legendary actor Morgan Freeman was in a car accident that left him with crippling fibromyalgia that he suffers from to this day. However, thanks to CBD, Freeman is able to treat his symptoms so that he can continue his incredible career. Freeman has proudly discussed his CBD use at length in hopes that others will feel inspired to turn to it for natural relief. The perfect voice for this industry.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Jet-setting supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has quite the busy lifestyle. How does she ever manage to fall asleep at night with such a hectic schedule? The answer, of course, is CBD. Ambrosio has stated that she takes CBD on a nightly basis in order to experience restorative sleep.

Hollywood Heroes on Our Side

It’s nice to know that many of our heroes are just as enthusiastic about CBD as we are. Plus, their incredible influence may help change social attitudes about cannabis once and for all.

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