Why Your Dream Honeymoon is in Greece

You might still be planning all the nuances of your wedding, or you might have just been lucky enough to tie the knot with your significant other; how much thought have you put into your honeymoon? Traditionally it’s the couple’s time right after they get married – and the ancient origins of the word point to the fact that both a drink made from honey and the phases of the moon had much import in how ancient cultures approached the honeymoon ritual. But in more modern times, most people instead prefer going on a vacation to celebrate their time together and the fact that they just got married.

So, let’s talk about your honeymoon plans: While a lot of people pick locations that are almost considered old fashioned like France, but why not considering doing something different and skipping all of the cliche’s? There are many reasons why your dream honeymoon should be taking place in Greece instead, and why you should opt to rent a house in Greece rather than going to a resort or hotel for your honeymoon like most people would.

Weddings in Greek Culture

Greek wedding

Weddings are considered an extremely important rite of passage to another phase of your life – especially in Greek culture, where weddings and honeymoons are seen as good opportunities to get together as a family and many times to have a proper party with great food and great people. When it comes to the honeymoon, it’s considered to be just as important to the couple as the wedding – and the honeymoon is where the couple will get a chance to really strengthen their bond and take a break before the stress of life kicks in. If you’ve ever seen a traditionally Greek wedding, then you’ll know just what kind of party can be put up in Greece, and you should already start to see why it could be the perfect destination for your honeymoon vacation.

 Why choose Greece?

Your honeymoon is about far more than just going on honeymoon. It’s a very important factor to make sure that you choose where you go with care – for example, nobody wants to pick up a bout of Malaria while they’re on their honeymoon. And, of course, you want to choose a place where you can relax – and a place that has plenty of things to go and see and experience when you leave your hotel room.  For most people, the wonderful Greek Islands will match up with their idea of heaven. There, you’re bound to find the best food, the best friends – and you’ll be able to experience plenty, whether you are looking for the bustle of a city party or the quiet of an ocean holiday. Greece is able to offer you all of this and even more. If you want a vacation that really lasts in your memories, choose Greece!

 Why not stay and see Greece? 

The worst thing about your honeymoon is going to be coming home from it. Vacations are great, but most people know the sinking feeling when they realize that they have to head back home – to routine, to work, to stress and far away from the idyllic honeymoon vacation that they’ve just had. But it doesn’t have to end that quickly if you don’t want it to. Most people go back home within a week or two because they think they simple can’t afford to stay in a hotel or resort for longer – eventually, responsibility calls and most people head right back home to their lives and leave the vacation behind. But have you thought about the fact that you might not have to do this at all? If you rent a house in Greece instead of going to a vacation resort or hotel like you normally would, you can get to extend your stay – and that’s only one of the reasons why you should look at homes to rent in Greece.

Can Resorts Kill the Romance?

Of course, you can go to a resort or hotel for your vacation like most people do – but there are many reasons that a hotel and resort won’t offer you the great honeymoon that you deserve.

  • First, hotels and resorts are filled with other couples just like you – this can be great for the social aspect if you like meeting new people, but you should know that a honeymoon is a very personal thing and most people prefer to spend this time on their own – without any inference from anyone else! Finding homes to rent in Greece will give you a chance to stay there on your own terms.
  • Hotels and resorts can give you a great vacation experience, but they can also ensure that you don’t quite feel as at home as you want to when you’re experiencing a new and interesting area like Greece. If you look for homes to rent in Greece rather than a hotel, then you will feel far more at home – and, as we’ve already said, you might even be able to stay there a little bit longer.
  • Hotels and resorts run on their own schedules and their own time – breakfast, for example, happens at nine o’ clock sharp, and any romantic activities that are scheduled by the resort will follow much of the same, super-strict schedule. This doesn’t suit what many people see their ideal holiday as: You want to have your honeymoon on your own time, and it’s often all about staying in – or, simply, going where you want to. If you are renting a home in Greece instead, then you can choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Renting a House in Greece

rent a house in Greece

Do you need more reasons why you should rent a house in Greece rather than go for a hotel or resort to spend your honeymoon? Here are some more benefits to being able to rent a house in Greece.

  • People go on honeymoon to experience as much of the local flavour and culture as they can during your stay; you can’t do that if you don’t feel completely at home, and you won’t do that at all if people see you as a tourist first. Being able to rent a house in Greece gives you an opportunity to blend in with the locals for a while, and you’ll get a chance to see the best of the best that Greece has to offer.
  • If you rent a house in Greece, you’ll get to stay for a little bit longer – and when the honeymoon or vacation is about to end, this is what most people find themselves wishing for. They want their vacations to last longer, but many people cut it short simply because of the fact that they can’t afford to stay any longer. If you rent a house in Greece for a longer period of time, then you can stay much longer – in fact, you can pretty much almost stay just as long as you want, giving you more time to experience the sights and sounds with your significant other.

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